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Why do i get tender spots on my scalp?

If you get tender spots on your scalp, it may be caused by a food allergy, probably MSG or sulfites! Try keeping a food journal and see if it is triggered by anything you eat regularly! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Danyelle Reply:

    According to the Atlas of the Human Body, your scalp can have 100000 hair follicles. These could be in a The scalp can develop flakes, dry spots, sore spots and scabs for a number Why Is My Scalp Itchy & Scabby? An itchy and scabby Detail:

  2. Genevie Reply:

    I know that hypothyroidism can cause dry hair or hair loss, so maybe it can I have a spot on my scalp that has been sore off and on for about 3

  3. Hellen Reply:

    Chemotherapy is used to attack rapidly growing cancer cells. A common side effect of treatment is hair loss, or alopecia, because the chemotherapy also attacks the cells in hair roots and causes many reactions in the scalp. More:

  4. Trula Reply:

    When hair is wet, it stretches and shrinks much like a rubber band. When it is dry, hair does not have as much ability to hold up under tension. When too much tension is applied to the hair, it breaks. More:

  5. Verna Reply:

    There may be many reasons for scalp tension and tenderness. Scalp tension can lead to headaches and a painful scalp. In most cases, stress causes scalp tension. But migraines can also cause scalp tenderness. Another culprit is hairstyles th… More:

  6. Tempie Reply:

    What is wrong with my scalp spots on the crown of? Tender/sore spots in the crown of i have been noticing that my head.? for the last four years i frequently have sore tender

  7. Perla Reply:

    Perhaps its eczema?? Sounds exactly what happened to me and the only thing that helped me with it is Head Shoulders in the Blue Bottle! Perhaps a trip to the dermatologist might be in order!!! but if they give you the Tar shampoo!!! you may want to skip it! It Burns! and really smells terrible! Good Luck!

  8. Rosalind Reply:

    You have lymph nodes all over your body but the primary ones that you will I have psoriasis, mostly on the scalp, but only have mild breakouts every few months. back of my head (near crown) that were sore to the touch, with painful points.

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