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Why do I itch before I start to sweat?

Its hard to tell what the exact issue may be, but you might have an allergy to a body soap or clothing detergent that you use! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Monnie Reply:

    Itchy pimples are annoying and can be embarrassing. There are a number of reasons why they may start to itch whereas they didn't itch before. One thing for Detail:

  2. Dorothea Reply:

    What would you like to ask? However, whenever I start to sweat, even a little bit , I have this unbearable, unstoppable itchiness Just all over my scalp, I just break out in this itchiness that doesn’t stop until I stop sweating.

  3. Sharee Reply:

    Itching really badly before breaking into a sweat may be due to a vitamin deficiency or allergic reaction. More:

  4. Alison Reply:

    I don’t know but the same thing happened to me.AHH its getting dark and they’ve started ithcing!!! well i thought it was only me. More:

  5. Chung Reply:

    You could have a condition called Allergic Eczema which causes your severe itching before you sweat. More:

  6. Dodie Reply:

    My scalp itch and I was given anti itch meds to and it was fine.Then,I bought an over the counter be taken orally.I had it for two weeks med,the dermovate which is a steroid c

  7. Judi Reply:

    This sounds very uncomforatble! Maybe you re allergic to washing powder or something used in and around your house! Think back to when this started, and then think if there has been any changes in the house that may have caused this!Have you changed your diet or been eating something that could have caused this!I think you see a dermotologist, they can do tests and arrange whats best for you! See your doctor now, and get the ball rolling

  8. Lashawn Reply:

    As well, the blood during menstruation can cause itchiness from day 1 of the period. Females who are physically active tend to sweat more, including in the pelvic area. ALWAYS tell the doctor if you develop or have had yeast infections before Peri-menopausal is the time when periods start to decrease in frequency,

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