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Why do I keep breaking out in hives?

The most common skin allergy triggers that cause hives include:• Medication such as antibiotics, codeine, penicillin, sulfa, anticonvulsant drugs, phenobarbital, and aspirin• Foods like shellfish, nuts, tomatoes, soy, chocolate, and berries• Pollen Any Suggestions here?


  1. Yolanda Reply:

    Keep your dog's skin and coat healthy by feeding nutrient-dense dog food and fish oil. You will know your dog has a skin allergy if he has no fleas and still The body reacts by breaking out in hives or causing itching from a perceived threat. Detail:

  2. Reba Reply:

    Interesting that each outbreak has come at the same time of year. How long do your outbreaks last? I would assume that you have an allergy to something in your environment- that comes around in August. If you’re in the U.S., August is often

  3. Bernetta Reply:

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  4. Virgie Reply:

    Thank you for the fantastic description. -_____-‘ Well, I get hives (& other serious things) when I eat tree nuts, since I’m allergic to them. What are you eating that might trigger this? You might be allergic to milk or peanuts, if you kee… More:

  5. Faith Reply:

    To keep an egg from breaking, you should probably keep it in the carton until you’re ready to use it. Don’t toss it, throw it, drop it or shake it around and you won’t have a broken egg! More:

  6. Agripina Reply:

    I usually break into hives when i sweat, there is no known allergies

  7. Evelyn Reply:

    As you are probably already aware, hives (urticaria/angiedema) can be caused by hot and cold temperatures, medications, foods, insect bites, chemicals, infections, emotional stress, etc! Is it possible you could have an allergy to the cooling lotion?? It might be a good idea to give this product a miss for a while just to see what happens! It has been my experience that such lotions cause more issues for sensitive individuals like ourselves! This is why it is important to check your personal care products for potential allergens/intolerances, as many products on the market (shampoo, conditioner, soaps, etc) are particularly dangerous for those with sensitive skin! (Yes, even the ones claiming to be hypoallergenic!) It’s encouraging that you are limiting direct water contact and have decreased your bathing temperature! Room/house deodorants are also a major culprit for many individuals, as are pets! It would be wise to complete a ‘food’ diary, in order to determine any potential allergens/intolerances that may be adding to the problem! Remember a healthy diet is vital for good health, so include lots of fresh, clean water and fresh fruit and vegetables! If you are unsure whether food might be a suspect, then an elimination diet may be in order! Most general practitioners will recommend some type of steroidal treatment however it has been our experience that these do little to resolve an underlying issue and will only add further strain to the immune system! (Hives are usually a sign of toxicity!) However if the problem is a short-term one, then it may be an option! Wet bandaging is also another option, one that has offered much assistance to us; as are specifically prescribed herbal teas! Irrespective of how you personally choose to deal with things, drinks plenty of water and consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  8. Cordelia Reply:

    Do you break out in hives because of to much masturbation? Answer It! In: Skin After so long, she starts to feel like she cant just keep How can you break

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