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Why do people sometimes wake up with bloodshot eyes?

Bloodshot eyes can include eyestrain, fatigue and mechanical irritation,dry air and sun exposure, as well as allergy, infection! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Maryanne Reply:

    If you wake up with a swollen, goopy eye, it is very likely you have pink eye. makes the blood vessels more prominent, giving the eye its pronounced pinkish or red coloration. Sometimes it can take a few weeks for it to completely clear up. Detail:

  2. Paula Reply:

    Mar 31, 2011 But when you first wake up, your eyes and face might not share the feeling. stuff you sometimes find in the corner of your eyes when you wake up? although over-the-counter drops for "red eye" can give you some relief.

  3. Dagny Reply:

    Marijuana Cannabis is a bronchial dilator, it expands the tubes in your lungs, this is also why marijuana users with asthma always report no asthma attacks after their marijuana use. So if I were to speculate based off what I know, I’d say … More:

  4. Shaunta Reply:

    You may wake up in the morning with blood shot eyes because of dry air or allergies. Other causes are improper diet and alcohol. More:,-when-you-wake-up

  5. Erna Reply:

    Our eyes get bloodshot because something is irritating them. It’s as simple as that, use clear eyes! More:

  6. Shameka Reply:

    Why are my eyes bloodshot when I wake up? Is this normal? Explain why this happens.

  7. Lavina Reply:

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  8. Olene Reply:

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