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Why do scrambled eggs give me a stomach ache?

You could have an egg allergy! Symptoms include belly cramps, diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lenore Madrachimov Reply:

    Geeez, After reading all of this and more, I don’t think ANYONE has an answer except they may be allergic! Dos / Don’ts, organic helps / powered eggs better for intolerance. Whites better than yolk. In your head? What a farce! I was not able to tolerate eggs either, then I was able to eat them, went on a diet – 40 days – now cannot eat them. I am not lactose intolerant either. about 40 min after eating the eggs, I need to drink pepto, eat tums, drink milk and eat bread. I accidently found that Dunkin Macao Colloda eased the pain quickly. I don’t know if the “ice/cold” or what had to do with easing the pain. I was on my way to buy Pepto (walking), stopped for it and before I got to pharmacy/store, the pain was easing. I also noticed that “some” Almond ‘brands’ I get pain, not all though, so what is the difference in Almonds that one brand can cause pain and another brand not? I eat yogurt all the time, drink lots of milk and don’t get the reactions like I do to eggs. More investigation to follow.

  2. Angelena Reply:

    Does the smell of something you normally enjoy turn your stomach (i.e., frying meat or scrambled eggs)? 6. Are you getting up more often Does your lower back ache for no apparent reason? 8. Are you having trouble zipping There are signs our bodies give to let use know but sometimes How to tell if your girlfriend is Detail:

  3. Renita Reply:

    Why do eggs give me a stomachachebut only sometimes? Scrambled eggs and omelettes often have milk in them (not sure about quiche).

  4. Arlena Reply:

    A good amount of protein. Since scrambled eggs usually are served with so many different varieties of meats, vegetables and seasonings possible, depending on cultural preferences, you can say that this protein dish can provide a very broad … More:

  5. Dianna Reply:

    It’s not really a matter of what scrambled eggs would do to your stomach, but what your stomach will do to the scrambled eggs. Namely, digest them. More:

  6. Josphine Reply:

    Dogs frequently experience stomach problems that can lead to loose stools, vomiting and plain old upset tummies. Here are some tips to help you get your best friend back to feeling great–just make sure to check with your vet before changin… More:

  7. Shae Reply:

    why r cold scrambled eggs so gross? perfect microwave scrambled egg recipe cold scrambled eggs are so for 2 eggs? 1. i want to know why disgusting when people eat cold hard bo

  8. Shu Reply:

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  9. Maria Reply:

    when showing symptoms (abdomonal pain fever cramps. ect.) The dietician told me that seeds on strawberries zucchini tomatoes were fine as they fruits, scrambled eggs, things that are partially broken down (mashed) so you wont make the colon work as hard. Why does your stomach hurt when you eat to much?

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