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Why does my hand itch?

Depending on your allergies it can itch for many reasons, Soap , A rash , Poison Ivy, Or even dry skin, Try some lotion! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Leola Reply:

    This can be extremely irritating, but scratching an itchy wound can often slow the If the wound has a solid scab, or the scab has fallen off naturally, try vigorously rubbing the itch with the palm of your hand. Do not Why Does My Wound Itch? Detail:

  2. Aide Reply:

    Girlfriend, you have dry skin! Use some lotion! haha Seriously though, it’ll help. Source(s): <3

  3. Remona Reply:

    In my family, when your right hand itches it means you are going to be receiving some money! Don’t scratch it though! Just hold it, or let someone else scratch it for you! More:

  4. Zita Reply:

    It depends on which hand it is. If it is your right hand, then that means that you are going to be getting some money, so don’t scratch it. If your left hand itches, scratch away because that means that you will be paying out money. More:

  5. Maddie Reply:

    Your hands my be dry and that might be why they itch. Try applying a good moisturizer to them many times a day. It could also be eczema. More:

  6. Alane Reply:

    why does my hand itch): ugh? dude my freaking hand itches even know why theres like it its only red cuz like a mother i dont no bumps or bites on i keep freaking scratching it

  7. Maye Reply:

    If your hands turn white as well, it could be a circulatory problem! It could also be a reaction similar to the pins-and-needles feeling you get after your leg falls asleep! The cold could be numbing the nerve and it transmits strange sensations as it comes back to mormal! Itchy is a sensation just below pain in the same receptors!

  8. Nam Reply:

    Why does my right palm itch? Generally speaking, your right hand itching means money going out of your life, What does it mean if your right palm itches ?

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