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Why does my throat itch?

You could have allergies or a cold! Do you get allergies often?? Do you have any other symptoms?? Drink some water! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Marc Reply:

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  2. Vernice Reply:

    An itchy throat can be caused by various factors such as common cold, smoking and the dryness of the air. It can be a painful and uncomfortable experience that Detail:

  3. Noemi Reply:

    You could have allergies or a cold. Do you get allergies often? Do you have any other symptoms? Drink some water.

  4. Florene Reply:

    It could be allergies that are causing your throat to itch, or maybe you are coming down with a cough. More:

  5. Cleotilde Reply:

    An itchy throat may be irritated by polluted air, food, or substances secreted by the body during inflammation or allergy. More:

  6. Letha Reply:

    An itchy throat is irritating sensation in the throat that provokes desire to cough. Sometimes drinking water helps stop it. More:

  7. Emogene Reply:

    I have an itch in the of spoons in his nose back of my throat? Last Sunday at dinner my very hard when he was older brother made me laugh trying to put the ends (you might thi

  8. Gloria Reply:

    Use shorter Q-tips

  9. Tabetha Reply:

    My throat is itchy? Improve throat infection u should go to the doctors. Click Here Why does your throat get itchy after using the Ventolin puffer? Ventolin and

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