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Why is my tongue itchy?

It is possible that something is irritating the tongue and causing itching! Sometimes foods or toothpaste can cause itching! There is a syndrome known as the Burning Mouth Syndrome, usually described as burning of the tongue as well as itching! 24/7! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Toby Reply:

    Wellness · Family Health · Managing My Health Among the myriad symptoms of scarlet fever is an itchy rash, which can be treated in a variety of ways. a red and bumpy tongue, often accompanied by a white coating; flu-like symptoms, Detail:

  2. Concepcion Reply:

    An itchy tongue can be a normal part of living with seasonal or food allergies. Here are a few points that might help you understand what’s

  3. Alla Reply:

    It is possible that your tongue "itchiness" could be due to a relatively common condition known as burning mouth or burning MORE? More:

  4. Kellye Reply:

    Not med advice. It could be due to Burning Mouth Syndrome or food allergy. See MD for advice. More:

  5. Risa Reply:

    Because it has taste buds. More:

  6. Marguerite Reply:

    What causes an itchy tongue and prone to itching. My GP has recommended vitamin itchy gums? My tongue and gums are b complex which helps. This problem started a couple of ye

  7. Felica Reply:

    Probably swine flu

  8. Shantel Reply:

    Inside the mouth, such a sore is called a canker sore. I'm no doctor, but I can tell you that the homeopathic remedy called Borax works like a miracle on canker

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