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Can asthma get worse when you lay down?

In general, asthma is said to get worse when you lie down, especially when you are sleeping! Exact reasons are unknown but some of these may involve increased exposure to allergens at night, cooling of the airways, or the reclining position! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Cara Reply:

    Asthma tends to get worse at night because airways close or narrow more so when you're lying down. Potential indoor allergens can also act as triggers. Some Source:

  2. Shery Reply:

    Well when my asthma flairs up it gets worse when I lay down because of the mucus that Do you have problems breathing in the daytime?

  3. Marianna Reply:

    Patients with nocturnal asthma should consult a physician. … that a patient with nocturnal asthma gets the medicine they need when they need it most. … Asthma. Why is asthma worse in the morning? because say you've alrady used your …

  4. Elnora Reply:

    It may be a kidney infection; better get checked out at your doctor. Source:

  5. Dalene Reply:

    Because your breathing is affected when you lay down Source:

  6. Jacque Reply:

    Gravity, basically. When you’re on your back, it’s more work for your lungs. I’ve been there…i had bronchitis for something like 4 months once and sleeping was impossible because it got worse while lying down. Source:

  7. Corrinne Reply:

    Yes that is wheezing! And your on the right track by going to the docs tomorrow! If I were you, I would have gone sooner! Its harder on your body than you think, trying to breath! Im surprised he didnt have you come in right away for a treatment from them! Better stuff! Thats what they do for my husband when he is like that! Ask the doc! tomorrow about the interactions fo the steriods!

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