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Can black mold cause bronchitis?

Black Mold, also known as Strachybotrys chartarum, can cause respiratory bleeding, asthma & bronchitis! It is very dangerous! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Noel C. Robertson Reply:

    I live in apartment that had water damages and the pipes break in the walls and feces in my bathroom tub. I live were I got sick and end up in the hospital with chronic bronchitis that still re-incurring in my lungs. I had mildrew and black mold in all apartments and the landlord do nothing about it, but try to evict you.
    The states should have more stricter laws because this black mold is killing the tenant. They aren’t knowlegable about their landlord rights. I going to court.

  2. Vergie Reply:

    Aspergillus black mold inhalation can cause respiratory infections, bacterial infections, sinus infections, pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. Aspergillosis Source:

  3. Nola Reply:

    Bronchitis is inflammation of the main air passages to the lungs. Bronchitis may be short-lived (acute) or chronic, meaning that it lasts a long time and often recurs. See also: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Alternative Names

  4. Kamala Reply:

    There are many much more serious problems that can cause it, so it should not be … Black mold infection is a dangerous disease that should be treated immediately. … Brown means bronchitis, black could mean that you are bleeding inside.

  5. Serafina Reply:

    Below is a link for causes of black mold poisoning Black Mold Source:

  6. Val Reply:

    Peach trees carry the distinction of being one of the most ornamental of all the fruit trees. Yet, several bacterial, fungal and viral diseases infect peach trees every year, producing unsightly spots and decay on the leaves, branches and f… Source:

  7. Meri Reply:

    Black mold is highly toxic and frequently grows on materials which have got both low nitrogen and high cellulose content. Examples of these materials are paper and fiberboard. Growth of black mold occurs when there is constant moisture pres… Source:

  8. Nora Reply:

    Yes! Mold and fungus reproduce by live spores that are airborne! Many types of spores can be seriously aggravating to respiratory systems! I think most states have laws requiring landlords to take care of mold and mildew in rental properties! I would research that in my area, and in the mean time notify the doctor of the mold! May change your sons treatment! Bronchitis can turn into Pneumonia!

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