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Do diet pills show up on a urine analysis?

Common over the counter cold, asthma, and allergy remedies and diet pills such as Diatec, Dexatrim, Cotylenol, Triaminic, Primatene, Bronkotabs, and Nyquil can show up as positive for amphetamines! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sondra Reply:

    What Drugs Will Show Up on a Hair Follicle Drug Test? Can Vitamin Supplements Affect Urine Drug Tests? Small Substitutions to Boost Your Diet Source:

  2. Rosette Reply:

    If you take diet pills will it show up in a urine test? Can you answer this question? You can still be anonymous; just choose any username and password.

  3. Carlota Reply:

    Do diet pills show up in a drug test? Yeah but theres nothing wrong with it unless your embarresed. Does sleeping pills show up in a urine drug test?

  4. Lakita Reply:

    the national football league has for the passed two years showed that Bumetanide, is detected on urine test .. see Minn vikings and the new Orleans saints. players in legal star cap case . Source:

  5. Linda Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Depending on weight & amount taken, hydrocodone remains in your system for 1-6 days. Source:

  6. Shea Reply:

    Yes, some sleeping pills will show up in a urine analysis. Bring in your empty prescription bottle to resolve the issue. Source:

  7. Charles Reply:

    Its a bladder infection and you will see blood in the urine! I have seen women look like they are having a period from all the blood in a urine sample! As for the pregnancy test they wont test unless you request it! They will only look for the bacteria! Bladder infections are caused by many things! Drinking to much alcohol or sodas, wearing tight clothes, having a partner with dirty hands and can be caused by n ot urinating and clean ing with a warm wash cloth after sex! Douching can cause them because douching washes away the bodys defense! There are numerous reasons for a bladder infection! Just dont drink alcohol any time soon because this will bring it back!

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