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Do people with asthma have dizzy spells?

Yes! Sometimes asthma medications can mess with your heart rate and cause dizzy spells! Thanks for choosing ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Noelle Reply:

    The Environmental Health Center in Dallas states that many people are familiar as asthma or hay fever, but many do not realize that a pollen allergy can cause brain dysfunction, fatigue and dizziness. A pollen allergy can cause dizzy spells. Allergies are a common medical condition, and you can get them from foods, Source:

  2. Christina Reply:

    I went to doctors yesterday and the nurse said i have 25 % asthma if that makes Some people are more likely than other to be diagnosed with asthma. medications can mess with your heart rate and cause dizzy spells.

  3. Toshia Reply:

    Can you have dizzy spells as a side affect from menopause? Answer It! … People can not change into other things. It is all make believe. … However, if you have some kind of asthma or allergies you may want to be wary of incense and make.

  4. Talitha Reply:

    The causes of dizziness vary tremendously and can be a result of a simple issue or a very complicated problem. Dizziness, also referred to as vertigo, is a feeling that a person’s surroundings are moving when they really aren’t. Dizziness c… Source:

  5. Shantell Reply:

    First, alert someone that you live with, or live near, that you are having dizzy spells. Unfortunately, feeling dizzy leaves you at risk for falling, so you need to make sure someone knows to check up on you every so often. Take any vitamin… Source:

  6. Emmaline Reply:

    Dizzy spells are caused by a multitude of things. If you suffer from anxiety, are sick with allergies or the flu, or are pregnant, a dizzy spell could be normal. Cigarette smokers are also known to suffer from dizziness. Look here for more … Source:

  7. Travis Reply:

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