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How does asthma affect the quality of life?

Asthma is a common chronic condition of the airways!People with asthma experience episodes of wheezing, breathlessness and chest tightness due to widespread narrowing of the airways! In a few people with asthma the disease has a severe adverse impact on quality of life and may be life-threatening! Can we help you with anything else?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Mariann Reply:

    The Impact of asthma can be much greater than most people imagine. this way may develop agoraphobia which can severely alter the quality of their lives. Source:

  2. Chloe Reply:

    Can Respir J. 1998 Jul-Aug;5 Suppl A:77A-84A. Effect of asthma on quality of life. and explains the importance of the concept for treating asthma patients.

  3. Jerri Reply:

    How does asthma affect your social life? J do not think thet asthma affect on your social life much. How does A and W affect your quality of life? You get cavities.

  4. Verona Reply:

    You get cavities. Source:

  5. Harriett Reply:

    The NCBI web site requires JavaScript to function. more… Source:

  6. Marlys Reply:

    Answer J do not think thet asthma affect on your social life much. Source:

  7. Naoma Reply:

    I have severe asthma, so this is the kind of question i can answer in detail! The symptoms of asthma are different for everyone, for me one of the main triggers is the weather when i am out in the cold my throat feels like it is closing up i cannot breathe in the wind i have to cover my mouth it is for me very hard it makes me feel sad because when i was a kid i couldnt go to school one day because the wind was so furious i couldnt step outside without my throat blocking! Anyone can have asthma, in particular elder people i believe but i have had asthma since i was a kid and i am now a teenager, asthma can be caused because some people have weak immune systems, with asthma you cannot fight illness as good as people in perfect health! Symptoms of asthma include wheezing ( this is awful in experience you cannot rest i experience this allot at night and i cannot sleep i feel so uncomfortable when i lay down i cannot breathe at all! I have had many kinds of inhalers of which help to controll your asthma! There are different kinds of inhalers with different dosages, my inhaler is a 250! As far as i know there are no treatments, none have been offered to me all doctors can do is help you controll it! My asthma has got worse as i get older, a few months ago i had an asthma attack because of eating ice cream i thought i was going to die!My quality of life has changed allot, i cant exercises and people just say im being lazy i find it difficult to go up stairs but in college i do anyway 4 flights of stairs because i dont want to look lazy :( but i know i am not it is not my fault that i cannot breathe when i walk the stairs! I cannot eat any old food that i want to because salty foods can make me wheeze! When i am wheezing or suffering from an asthma attack, i must first calm down panicking makes it worse but it is hard not to panic when you cant breathe! If i suffer another asthma attack i have been informed that i must be taken to hospital, college is difficult i dont like using my inhaler in public because people look, teachers worry when im late because they think somethings happened, if anything does happen i will have to be taken to hospital from college!Causes for me-cold foods-hot weather-cold weather-salty food-exercises-cold air-stress-walking-running-dust-smoke-bathing-wind-having a cold can make my asthma worseI have 2 inhalers now, the 250 one ( purple and my blue inhaler which i use when ever i need to, my 250 purple one is used once in the morning and twice at night, sometimes i forget and i face the consequences of this, failing to use the inhalers will worsen your asthma and you wont be able to controll it! By now my doctor said my asthma should be controlled but it isnt! Asthma affects my mood because when i go out with my mum i cant even keep up with her :( this shouldnt be of course, i cant even keep up with my brother i feel silly because i think to myself i should be able to keep up without loosing breathe! When i do go up stairs and i reach the top my i get a head ache my head actually starts to pound i start to feel dizzy and my heart beats faster, i sweat and i have to sit down for ages as ill suffer a asthma attack!

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