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Is it bad to breath damp air, not cold air but damp air?

While it isn’t bad to breathe damp air, damp air can pose problems for people with asthma! Make sure damp areas are cleaned often and ventilated properly! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Mora Reply:

    Wet Basements are nothing but bad news when it comes to mold growth. You may not see a lot of mold in your basement or you may just smell a musty in your basement promotes a damp, cold, moist condition for mold to thrive in. it in the basement and keep it running to pull the moisture out of the air of the basement. Source:

  2. Tora Reply:

    3 days ago How does cold, damp weather affect osteoarthritis, rheumatism and The ancient Greeks may not have been totally off the mark, as cold and damp weather does but cold, damp air can make breathing difficult for those with asthma. Rheumatoid and arthritic conditions may react badly to winter; what

  3. Whitney Reply:

    night air is not bad air unless it is very cold or damp outside then is when it could … trees breath in carbon dyoxide, which is bad air for us but good air for them.

  4. Alexandria Reply:

    When two air masses meet the boundary that forms between them is called a front. The front is usually very stormy and unsettled. Source:

  5. Numbers Reply:

    Your question omits the background and details as to WHY your house has no heating, WHY you can’t afford it, your age, what is going on with your life, are there any minor children in the house, what climate do you live in (Minneapolis or M… Source:

  6. Kerrie Reply:

    A face mask, really, that’s all I can think of….be sure to wear a hat, and layers. Layers will be your best friend. Good luck. Source:

  7. Tommie Reply:

    WOW! what a great story! you do so much better than me! im currently starting to write a book that will hopefully get published! I want to find out what happens next by the way! Tell me more!!!!!!id give you a !!!!9/10 1 mark deducted cause the story is too short! LOL=]

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