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What could be the cause of it being hard to breathe when I lay on my back?

It can be hard to breathe when your laying down due to many factors such as asthma and over weight issues! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Leah Reply:

    Sleep apnea is a condition that can affect entire families. Wellness · Family Health · Managing My Health effect because they will relax your airway causing it to close in and this will make it hard for you to breathe. 3 Being overweight can cause excess soft tissue in the back of the throat and this can cause blockage. Source:

  2. Pamela Reply:

    On a scale of 1-10 the pain being a constant 6-7 with an 8 or 9 at the top of each breath. I could not lay on my stomach or back because doing so was so painful. . I really do hope you all find the cause of this one and hope you start .. couch panting hard and I got a painful stitch under my right breast.

  3. Adell Reply:

    Some evidence suggests that it can also, in some cases, be a symptom of migraine. …. In Old English the name for these beings was mare or mære (from a … In Swedish folklore, sleep paralysis is caused by a Mare, a supernatural creature …. creature that sits on the dreamer's chest, making breathing hard for him/her.

  4. Blanca Reply:

    You need more oxygen during pregnancy, and your body adapts to meet this need in several ways. An increase in hormones, (MORE) Source:

  5. Mariam Reply:

    Maybe it was the sex!!!!!!!Maybe it was the energy drink!!!!!!after a few days,if feeling the same seek a doctor coz this is not normal

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