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What do asthma steroid pills do?

Steroid inhalers and pills prevent the inflammation that occurs in asthma, thus reducing the buildup of mucus that contributes to bronchiole obstruction! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Zenia Reply:

    This drug is used to treat conditions such as asthma, allergic skin disorders, A Medrol Dose Pack contains 21 4-milligram pills that last for six days. Since steroids can weaken the immune system, avoid people who have colds and the flu. Source:

  2. Nina Reply:

    The key treatments for most people with asthma are steroids and other anti- inflammatory drugs. Not only do steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs help people

  3. Alice Reply:

    Steroids in pill form like prednizone will cause the symptomatic moon-face often associated with … yes steroids do help asma alot but have nasty side effects …

  4. Angie Reply:

    when people use drugs to have a asthma without them ever really having the asthma and they pretend to use a inhaler that is empty Source:

  5. Tyesha Reply:

    Prednisone , it works to reduce symptoms. Source:

  6. Yu Reply:

    Steroids can either come in pill or liquid form. Pill form, they are white and round with a slit down the middle with two sets of numbers on each side. Source:

  7. Jerrie Reply:

    HI,I am so sorry to hear of your moms health problem!I also have sever asthma! The antibiotics are great, but should only be taken when the Doctor is sure, your mom has an infection, and yes she will get better! Prednizone is good to open the air way, but should be used only when the doctor gives it to her, also she should cut the last three to five tablets in half and start to cut down on this medication little by little, never stop this medication cold turkey! The doctor should have told her this but just in case, I wanted to tell you, OK ! I am on antibiotics right now also, because I do have bronchitiswhich is an infection of the bronchial tubes in the lungs! The Doctor also gives me an inhaler called Advair, it is a powdered steroid, it is very good! Your mom might want to ask her Doctor about this medication if she does not have it OK ?? I hope she gets better soon, I hope this helped some??

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