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What does black mold do to a person?

Mold can cause allergic reactions,asthma,coughing,and rashes Severe reactions include fever and trouble breathing ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jennie Reply:

    How Long Does It Take for a Person to Feel the Effects of Black Mold?. Black mold causes many health problems. It is often difficult to tell exactly what the time Source:

  2. Shanelle Reply:

    Molds are a class of fungi that prefer to grow in a moist environment. Molds can have an impact on human health, depending on the nature of the species involved, the metabolic products being produced by these species, the amount and duratio

  3. Corene Reply:

    If it is black mold this can cause a lot of different health problems. It can effect …. Spores can get stuck on a person leaving their home and then be carried by.

  4. Lien Reply:

    Black mold is highly toxic and frequently grows on materials which have got both low nitrogen and high cellulose content. Examples of these materials are paper and fiberboard. Growth of black mold occurs when there is constant moisture pres… Source:

  5. Autumn Reply:

    The best way I have fold to remove black mold is to use bleach. Create a solution with bleach and water. Spray on affected area and scrub. Source:

  6. Wesley Reply:

    To clean and kill black mold you should dump bleach on it. If you can not dump bleach on it then mix half water and half bleach and wash down really good. Source:

  7. Kyra Reply:

    Within the past year Ive removed over 11,000 sq! ft! of drywall corrupted by black mold caused by flooding due to Florida hurricanes! Certainly you shoud be concerned, as it can cause respritory problems at the very least! No matter what anyone else tells you, I offer this! No amount of bleaching, or anti mold soultions will work for the long term! The leak needs to be addressed! The problem needs to be solved, or even in replacing drywall, black mold can return! With painted drywall, the mold is actually attacking the paper that contains the gypsum compound, and then extends out, onto the paint! If you cross section a piece of drywall, youll notice the Gypsum is unneffected! Certainly Black Mold is a natural occurance, but accepting its existence is not! Steps Id take immediately would be bleach solution spray, rubber gloves, probably a paper DUST mask, and clean up what is obvious! In the process have the leak issues found and solved! Also in that process,,, like it or not,,, remove as much of the drywall extending from the infected area as you can, and replace it! Im not a medical doctor, but I do know what concerns Black mold can,,,and should cause!Rev! Steven

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