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What does it mean if you gasp for air when coughing?

It could be asthma that is making you gasp and cough at the same time! Keep a record of when it happens and see a doctor! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Beatrice Reply:

    If you have trouble breathing, you may feel as if you cannot get enough air into and out of You could start to cough, wheeze, gasp for air or feel breathless as a result of Do not assume that your symptoms are the same as another person's. Source:

  2. Indira Reply:

    His eyes are also probably close to their final color, although you may see subtle changes later. If your baby wheezes or gasps for air, he may have bronchiolitis, which is If it’s a sudden, persistent cough without other cold symptoms, it could mean your 8 months, week 3: Does your baby have a favorite bedtime book?

  3. Eldora Reply:

    Gasping for Air in the Morning and Sleep Apnea … unlike that of cough and sneeze, is not particularly forcible and is through an open larynx and mouth. …. If you are unable to view some languages clearly, click here. … What does gasp mean?

  4. Tran Reply:

    last breath of air Source:

  5. Loreen Reply:

    Gasping for air means breathing laboriously or catching the breath convulsively and audibly. Source:

  6. Bobby Reply:

    hello Source:

  7. Petronila Reply:

    Could be nightmares or night terrors??I have had them throughout my whole 22 years on and off, google it – you will find alot of help (some not really accurate or right) but on most trustworthy medical sites you should be able to find out a bit more!

  8. Viola Reply:

    it could be that something is blocking his airway. or it could be something wrong with his lungs. More:

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