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What does it mean when you have a heavy feeling chest and are having trouble breathing?

These symptoms could indicate angina, asthma, or a heart attack and should prompt immediate medical evaluation! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Angelinarelei Reply:

    I also thought off anxiety lately, i have shortness of breath and it sometimes feels like i will run out of air and just sufficate, Iv’e been also getting chest pain and my stomach feels blowded when i breath, it feels like i’m not breathing right.. Sadly i cant really go see A doctor because i have no insurance at this point, but id really like to know what exactly it means to feel this way!

  2. Lacey Reply:

    I’m not exactly sure what it means either. I’m experiencing the exact symtoms. My chest feels heavy, hard to breathe, and my inhalers don’t seem to help, when I breathe in deep my chest and back hurt and it’s like in my lower lung area I think. I went to a specialist and they haven’t told me anything and it’s been 2 weeks. On my test I am only breathing 30% of what normal people are getting when they breathe in and out. I know I have asthma, however I haven’t been diagnosed since they are taking their sweet time. I don’t sleep well either since I wake up every hour of the night unable to breathe…very scary. Someone PLEASE help me…breathing is an essential and I feel like I’m slowly suffocating to death literally. Please help.

  3. Shae Reply:

    Breathing problems can occur at any time, at any place, to almost anyone. breathing problems might often come with chest pain, coughing or other difficulties. any tight clothing that the person who is having trouble breathing might have on to If you have trouble breathing, you may feel as if you cannot get enough air Source:

  4. Ayanna Reply:

    Eventually, it might go down to a dull, but constant ache, or simply the feeling of sore What does this mean? You have all of the muscles and nerves running between the ribs themselves, then you also have your chest muscles that are tightening and swollen. I am having trouble breathing- does this affect my lungs ?

  5. Katheleen Reply:

    Heart problems that can cause chest pain: Angina is a type of heart-related chest pain. … I have a heart mummer, this can be a cause sometimes, you can often feel it in … What does it mean when your chest feels heavy when you breathe?

  6. Ellie Reply:

    One of the typical reason for feeling prssure in the chest and trouble breathing is an anxiety attack. Source:

  7. Sunday Reply:

    its most probably viral fever…….fever with muscle pain also suggests malaria…..but can be ruled out as u have respiratory symptoms…but still can be a differential …..need more history for that diagnosis….ur location, travel hist… Source:

  8. Ryann Reply:

    It can be many things, but one possibility is a pulmonary embolism, which is usually caused a by clot in the leg (DVT) breaking off and travelling up to the lung. If the patient has had any leg pain or swelling then this would add weight to… Source:

  9. Maricruz Reply:

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