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What kind of infection causes your white blood cell count to go up?

All infections will cause a rise in the white cells !They increase so they can fight the infection!Medications can also be a cause of a high white blood count! Some asthma medications, steroid medications, seizure medications,will also cause a rise! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Katie Reply:

    How can I make my high blood cell count go down from being high

  2. Melita Reply:

    White blood cells make up your body's defense against illnesses and diseases. kinds of deficiencies: low white blood cell count, low red blood cell count and low Your white blood cell count may be low because of a viral infection, cancer or agents and disease-causing microorganisms, both in your blood and in your. Source:

  3. Wendolyn Reply:

    Jun 2, 2009 Each of these types of blood cells plays an important role in normal bodily function. When a high white cell count is present, infection is usually the first cause that’s considered and your doctor may follow up by ordering a differential count. For example, eosinophil counts go up with parasitic infections as

  4. Serina Reply:

    Low white blood cell counts can be caused by a variety of factors, so get it … likely you are to fight off infections, which increases your white blood count … Type the username or email address you used when you signed up on Answers. com: …

  5. Marina Reply:

    A high white blood cell count could also be a reaction to a drug, a bone marrow disease or an immune system disorder. Source:'s-white-blood-cell-count-to-go-up-even-after-antibiotic

  6. Shonta Reply:

    Nearly any systemic infection caused by a bacteria, known as "septicemia," will cause that. That is an infection that has gotten into the circulation and spread throughout the body. Most infections are much more localized, pneumonia, kidney… Source:

  7. Gayle Reply:

    It all depends on whether your white blood cell count was too high or too low. Provide more information for specifics. Source:

  8. Georgia Reply:

    Are you sure the ER doctor told you diverticulitis and not endometriosis?? You have the classic symptoms of endometriosis which is abdominal pain any where in the abdomen that occurs at any time during the menstrual cycle! Further investigation shows that endometriosis can cause blocked fallopian tubes as well as pelvic inflammatory disease! So it could be that both physicians are both correct, at least partially anyway! The sites below may be helpful! Good luck!

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