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Why does my chest hurt after I take a deep breath and why does every breath after that hurt?

If your lungs hurt after a deep breath then you have some kind of lung disorder! It could be asthma or bronchitis! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Willene Reply:

    When your ribs are subject to impact from a hard object, the muscles that Bruised ribs are characterized by serious pain with every breath because your ribs will hurt almost constantly and may make it difficult for you to draw a deep breath. to breathe regularly even though it hurts, because taking shallow breaths can Source:

  2. Jennell Reply:

    In late November I started to get a pain in the right side of my chest just below my rib cage. Any attempt to try to take a full breath the pain would literally stop me from completing The pain continued and after a week moved to my lower right back. . I can burt, breath, cough or anything without it hurting.

  3. Alanna Reply:

    I thought it might be my kidney but it doesnt hurt all the time only when I walk or if im lying… Why does your back hurt when you take a deep breath? … The ribcage that expands with every breath you take moves each rib that is connected to the …

  4. Etha Reply:

    I would think that it would hurt to take a deep breath after swimming because your lungs are sore from working out too. Source:

  5. Dionne Reply:

    I had that, so bad that I couldn’t sleep or breath right. I think, but am not 100% sure, it was a pulled muscle in the chest for torn muscle, and when the lung inhales it pushes against it and causes pain. I think it could be from working o… Source:

  6. Kimberli Reply:

    Shortness of breath or pain when you breathe may be a possible indicator of heart problems. You should talk to your doctor. Source:

  7. Isabelle Reply:

    This could be a few things:- strained a muscle- beginnings of pleurisy – a viral infection causing pain- pinched nerveWith all youve written I suggest you seek medical attention!It is better to be safe than sorry! When lifting anything remember to lift with your legs!!!

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