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Are there different levels of autism?

Within the subcategory known as Autism there are different levels from mild to severe! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Macie Reply:

    Identifying the different levels of autism can be difficult without proper guidance and Know that there are three levels of autism identified by the "Diagnostic Source:

  2. Marvella Reply:

    Different Levels of Autism. There are different types of autism. Kate Miller-Wilson. By Kate Miller-Wilson. When you receive a diagnosis of an autism spectrum

  3. Corene Reply:

    Autism and Asperger’s are both conditions that are considered autism spectrum disorders. It can be difficult to distinguish differences between the disorders and requires a trained clinician to make an official diagnosis. Typically, the dia… Source:

  4. Blondell Reply:

    There is about five different types of autism. A person can have autism spectrum, asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder and pervasive developmental disorder. Source:

  5. Joey Reply:

    Identifying the different levels of autism can be difficult without proper guidance and adequate information. The autism spectrum is not as clear-cut as you might hope, so finding a proper diagnosis may be frustrating for those not adept at… Source:

  6. Dionne Reply:

    Has anyone had toddler with autism and high levels of mercury? How is chelation preformed? Does ins pay for it?

  7. Linnea Reply:

    All autistics share what is called the triad of impairments!!!being lack of eye contact, repetitive movements, and social impediments! Other than that each autistic child is like a snow flake, all of them are unique and each has their own set of issues unique to them! Autism has many levels of severity! Aspergers is a form of high functioning autism! ADHD is a totally different disorder but many autistics share add/adhd diagnosis! Autism is referred to as a spectrum disorder simply because no one child is the same as the other! But to answer your question to be diagnosed as autistic the triad of impairments must be met! Autistic tendencies could fall under another diagnosis that many autistics share PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified)

  8. Maple Reply:

    Are there degrees of autism? Improve. In: Health As the weeks and months passed he displayed behavior that was different from other children. He never

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