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Can a person with autism have a gun?

There is no law stating that a person with autism can’t have a gun! You might want to check with your Police Department just to make sure! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shaun McDonald Reply:

    I think they should. I am autistic and I was hunting at 5 with a assault rifle. It could be a fully auto weapon but I turned it to semi like law says. The fact that they say we can’t have guns, I think is racist. It is not the disorder it is our past. I was bullied a lot! So are other autistics. I just so happen to brush it off by yelling certain words at them not to be said to a page children may view. But I know that any child bullied seeks revenge in some fashion. I wish to prove them all wrong. Some however may shoot them for revenge. I think that it is the person not the disorder that keeps us killing. And you noticed that at Sandy Hook they mentioned “he was never liked among peers” right? He wanted DRASTIC revenge. Me, I want to enjoy the out doors. Just because we are autistic means not that we are dangerous. We are dangerous because you try to make us this way all the way back at elementary. We are like a dog. Can be man’s best friend, or could attack. It is the way the “normal” person treats the human being during adolescence. I can’t even do my dream job because of this racism. I wanted to join the army as a medic. I wanted to be the bigger hero and save lives instead of take them. Nope. I am autistic can’t have a handgun! Please, if you have social media speak out agents this racism! Even if you make more pages to go though, higher prices, and even taxes! We need our rights!

  2. Lang Reply:

    Understanding cremation can be confusing for a child. However Also reassure her that she need not be scared for the person. 3. Explain the has or will later How to Talk to Children About Gun Safety How to Explain Autism to Children Source:

  3. Marhta Reply:

    People with autism often appear to be trapped in their own world, unable to forge People without working mirror neurons would need to analyze a movement

  4. Lashunda Reply:

    After the first person. Source:

  5. Andria Reply:

    Autism does not directly affect the life expectancy of a person with autism. That person can have a normal lifespan. However, autism can increase the chances of suffering from depression, which could increase the chance of suicide. A: No, t… Source:

  6. Desire Reply:

    Because guns have a high value on the street, they are often a prime target for thieves. Although your insurance company may compensate you for the monetary value of your gun, it can do nothing to ease the emotional attachment you may feel … Source:

  7. Berry Reply:

    What is the difference between a you can please include pictures brain of a person with Autism? I need to know for Autism and a person without a project in school if i looked

  8. Claude Reply:

    This is an IMDb review excerpt:The film takes place in a local hotel in Reno, Nevada, and it revolves around its autistic care taker, Manny DeSilva (Phillips), and his mysterious hotel guests! Although most of the actors, besides Lou Diamond Phillips, are unknown, they all deliver spectacular performances! The protagonist Manny, played exceedingly by Lou Diamond Phillips, is a complex middle-aged autistic man, who has a violent past, and is surrounded by people who seek to exploit him for his disability! El Cortez revolutionizes the way that autistic characters should be portrayed! Manny is strong, intelligent, complex, but also very vulnerable! As he tries to make a better future for himself, Mannys violent past catches up with him, and hes thrown into a world of deception, love, and betrayal! Lou Diamond Phillips performance is not the typical way autistic characters have been represented in previous films, and Mannys character illustrates the complexity and dynamics of autistic people!This hasnt aired on any of my movie channels, so I havent seen it! Im not sure that Id be of much help since I know that autism can cover a wide range of behavior, just as something like ADHD does!Maybe you could gauge him with this information:http://www!webmd!com/brain/autism/autism-symptoms

  9. Raven Reply:

    Can a person with autism get a gun? Answer It! In: Autism categories]. Save or You can still be anonymous; just choose any username and password. Get

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