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Can autism go away?

Autism does not go away, but drs, therapists, & special teachers can help kids with autism overcome or adjust to many difficulties Any Suggestions here?


  1. Phylicia Reply:

    They are also advised not to talk about autism all the time. They say that taking some breaks from it will serve you well, since it's not going to go away. Siblings Source:

  2. Danielle Reply:

    Autism is a brain problem that can make it hard for kids to communicate. moods and behavior, but there’s no medicine that will make a kid’s autism go away.

  3. Nichelle Reply:

    Acne can go away once you become a full adult. However, sometimes acne still does not go away and you will need to use acne treatment daily. Source:

  4. Towanda Reply:

    To make hickies go away you can apply a really cold compress to it. You can take a toothbrush and rub it and the area around it. Try to conceal it with make-up. Source:

  5. Ma Reply:

    It doesn’t If you’ve been diagnosed with it, then you have it for life. You can handle it and everything but it’ll never go away Source:

  6. Janeth Reply:

    is autism inherited? if one child is born with autism, will the next be likely to also have autism?

  7. Geralyn Reply:

    Autism is for life (beware of those offering quack treatments/cures: do real research)It is an essentially inherited condition, at core being about having a brain wired significantly differently from the statistically average!This leads to differences in sensation, perception, and thought-processes, and the expression of that can vary immensely from one individual to another! like we are talking another Language!To a fair degree you may be! Finding out the best modes of communication and learning for each individual on the autistic spectrum is an important task!You dont help a Frenchman to learn English by shouting at him in English! It goes best if you have learned some French first! Similarly with understanding the autistic perspective on the world while teaching the larger world to the person with autism!When will my little brother actually start speaking in sentences[??]We vary! There is no rule!I know of one child who didnt speak a word till seven, but her first word was a complex, perfectly-formed sentence!I know another who can barely speak, but is incredibly fluent on the computer!We tend to come with very spiky ability profiles: it can be a major mistake to judge us only by what we are poor at! Or good at!We do learn, again, in varying degree, especially with the right forms of teaching and support!Personally I dont have normal as an objective, beyond basic life skills etc!I can do social and normal very well, having learnt it the hard way like an academic subject rather than instinctively! Its there when I want to be, or have to be, social!But I cant be bothered with being conventional purely for conformitys sake!Why should I be interested in, or join in with, much of what most people like, when I am not most people??But then Im old enough and verbal enough to express that!Not all of us are!

  8. Twila Reply:

    A. A ringworm can not go away on it's on it does in fact have to be treated because of several reasons number one a ringworm itches so when you go to scratch it

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