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Does autism make you hyper?

Children with autism display odd behaviors, tantrums or lack of social skills! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Yavuz Reply:

    Bless your heart. My oldest son has atuism, and just began a instructional preK last month. I’m going to be following you along now, as we share so much of the same worlds

  2. Joetta Reply:

    In order to help people in the autism spectrum who have sensory issues it is Individuals with hyperactive sensory systems will typically avoid activities that Source:

  3. Fidelia Reply:

    Do you Become more hyper/hyposensetive when stressed? right then I will feel a lurching fuzzy anxious feeling (the same feeling I get when

  4. Tiffaney Reply:

    I’m a mom to an Aspie kid, and I’ll admit that I see everything through that filter! From what you describe, your child sounds fine! Kids that age do have the occasional tantrum. The only thing to keep an eye out for is more sensory issues…. Source:

  5. Angella Reply:

    You didn’t mention which teacher is problematic. The first thing I would do is look at the IEP and make sure it is being followed. There is always a accommodations page which outlines the special supports he will need to have to be successf… Source:

  6. Sanora Reply:

    Sometimes those with autism display hyperactive symptoms and some with ADHD display autism symptoms. Source:

  7. Kindra Reply:

    I have an almost 8 month Energy hyper, like spaz out lasting for old pom.and she is crazy hyper. Not like puppy burst of hours hyper. We have tried almost everything except

  8. Marjorie Reply:

    I have a cousin that has Autism, and he acts just like that! but hes 15! Hes acted this way since he was 6! Hes on medication, but it rrarely helps! you should have your parents get him tested!Serioulsy! if not for his sake, for yours!Hope this helps!

  9. Majorie Reply:

    They tried to put me on Ritalin but that made me very hyper as a kid. If you live in the U.S. and cannot afford your medicine for Autism disorders you can get it

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