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How can you tell if a 4 year old child is autistic?

Autism signs: Fails to respond to his or her name, poor eye contact, appears not to hear you at times, resists cuddling, etc Any Suggestions here?


  1. Delisa Reply:

    Parents and caregivers of children with autism know that When deciding to create a picture schedule for your child with autism, you Working on putting one together now for my almost-3-year-old autistic daughter, per her ABA therapist. Source:

  2. Windy Reply:

    If you catch autism in its early stages—ideally by the age of eighteen Melanie is a healthy one-year-old, but her parents are worried because she’s not doing many Includes checklists for children from the ages of 3 months to 5 years. You know your child better than anyone and observe behaviors and quirks that a

  3. Drema Reply:

    I would not worry so much about her being autistic as I would her hearing for now. My 24 month old starting having breakthroughs around 18 months. As far as her not wanting to sit with you, if she is walking she is starting to show her inde… Source:

  4. Sheba Reply:

    Ways to tell if ur child may have autism: 1) At age 6 months, your baby can’t turn himself over or sit up 2) At age 2, child isn’t talking or walking yet. Take child to pediatrician if u suspect s/he is autistic. Source:

  5. Lorinda Reply:

    Be honest while explaining death in a child’s terms. Avoid euphemisms, such as the loved one "went away" or "went to sleep" otherwise they might be afraid to go to sleep or fearful whenever someone goes away. Seek professional help if neces… Source:

  6. Shanita Reply:

    Pro-vax parents who say “I’d rather have an autistic child child? I think that’s very rude and insensitive to than a dead one,” do you HAVE an autistic parents of kids with au

  7. Skye Reply:

    We all are who we are and can not change that, emotionally and socially some of us on the autism spoectrum may be a little naive in some peoples eyes!! but just like those not on the autism spectrum we also are all unique individuals!Feeling at odds with the world and wanting to change is not the answer, society itself needs a kick up the %$#, if only we could eliminate the ignorance of others, having to deal with prejudgment, stigma far to often no wonder some of us may feel like shrinking!The so called normal world often see us as outsiders and keep us at arm’s length! Aspergers is just the way Im wired; we are all different and have different symptoms Aspies, Auties and NTs etc!! the world is made up of many diversities, the key is acceptance of who you are!!! as putting on a mask daily or acting apart to fit in can be exhausting!!Being diagnosed for any difference, its not about the labelno one need know, its about understanding – true identity!Below is just a small part of my journet, read more on link, hopefully it May help you on understand that little bit more -Making Sense – last update July 2008:http://asplanet!info/index!php??option=co!!!Having Aspergers is just part of who I am! Ive always been different, but now theres a name for it, I accept it! I think self-acceptance and acceptance of others are key to being accepted in general! Embracing my differences not only has allowed for a greater understanding of me, but also others in the world, it has enriched my life!I cannot help but be fascinated about my AS, with Aspergers came the real me (true identity) and yes, I have become a little obsessed with finding, learning more! In my search I have come to the conclusion that we cannot find answers in text books and the professionals do not have all the answers, but the aspie community has welcomed me, and I have found every answer there!I no longer feel the need to apologize for my differences, or make excuses! I also feel that NTs need to really start listening and gain better understanding from those of us on the autism spectrum ourselves!!! Everyone must know someone on the autism spectrum, not sure every knows or understands yet! It’s not a Aspie / NT thing, but as yet we just do not quite merge into society as maybe we should, still at times I myself feel on the edge of society in general! It can be so frustrating when whatever you seem to do or say, blank response – crossed wires!!!I continue to hear:But I did explain to my partner, and they told me they understood so why is it they still continue to try and fix/change me, why cannot others understand our differences, instead of wanting to force their way onto us! – AWARENESS, AWARENESS, AWARENESS until that really happens on a big scale things will never change!!!! working on that and know many others are!!!!!I continual to be amazed by my depth of difference, the biggest problem I seem to have is the stereo typing by the norm in general, of how we should be! Maybe it’s our time to lead the way, as we do seem to have a natural connection, a sense with the world around us and are often happier living in a real environment rather than an artificial one! Maybe in the future we will play a much bigger part, the world is changing and I cannot help but wonder!!!!!My journey like everyones will never be complete, as we all continue to learn and grow!!! ASPLANET – http://asplanet!info/index!php

  8. Miriam Reply:

    Autistic toddlers differ more strikingly from social norms; for example, they have less Three- to five-year-old autistic children are less likely to exhibit social .. It is not known whether early overgrowth occurs in all autistic children. Rogers SJ, Ozonoff S. Annotation: what do we know about sensory dysfunction in autism ?

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