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How early can they test for autism?

At around 6 mos old, a simple test can give a clue as to whether a child may have autism! A person simply calls their name!(MORE??) Any Suggestions here?


  1. Carline Reply:

    If you suspect your child has autism, the following tests can determine It has been shown that children respond best to autism therapies the earlier they. Source:

  2. Traci Reply:

    Apr 12, 2010 WebMD provides information about autism tests and exams, including screening, that can help doctors diagnose autism early in children. Young children with autism often point to items they want, but do not point to show

  3. Nelle Reply:

    If taken properly early pregnancy tests can be 99.9% accurate. You always want to read the directions and be sure to use the first urine in the morning to get the best result. Source:

  4. Reagan Reply:

    From a woman who has used this brand with each pregnancy, I recommend First Response. I had great results a full five days before I missed my period. Source:

  5. Camila Reply:

    The earliest signs of autism, in most cases, are delays in reaching developmental milestones. It is also common for autistic children to become withdrawn and stop interacting normally with others, including family members. For more informat… Source:

  6. Isabella Reply:

    Autism awareness month: Do you know the early signs of autism? bl_autism.htm Yack, Jenny McCarthy was on Larry king last night…She c

  7. Charlyn Reply:

    Autism does not have anything to do with intelligence! And autism has language problems and that can vary greatly from one person to the next so you CAN speak and still be autistic! If you never had any language difficulties as a young child (ask your parents to be sure) then you could still have Aspergers! It sounds like you dont think you have autism because you dont fully understand what that means! Autism doesnt make you immune to other problems and those kids you saw with autism may have had other problems!Doctors cant diagnose autism or aspergers! Only developmental psychologists do that! And you fill out a mountain of paperwork before going for the appointment!And biting also isnt a requirement for autism so that doesnt mean anything either!The fact that you spent a large portion of your life not seeking out friends is very telling! The fact that you are 27 and dont realize that dating is up to you and not something one waits for, is also telling! You also describe speaking in ecolaliah which is another symptom of autism or aspergers! The OCD behaviors are another symptom – even if you have a reason to do those things!In any case, you dont need to worry about being autistic! Its not something thats going to change you! You are who you are and thats fine! If you are curious though, you can call a local childrens hospital and ask them if they do autism testing! If they do, then ask if they can tell you where an adult could go to be tested for autism in your area! They would know!

  8. Lucille Reply:

    How do you test for autism? Improve. In: Health The symptoms of autism and ASD begin early in childhood but are occasionally missed. Adults may seek

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