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How to cure autism?

Autism is a mental disorder that a person is born with and it is uncurable! Theres no way to get rid of autism ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Loan Reply:

    How to Treat Autism in Children. The onset of autism, a bio-neurological disability that affects the way an individual reacts to their environment and others, Source:

  2. Inez Reply:

    There is no known cure for autism at this time, unfortunately :(.

  3. Arline Reply:

    There is nothing that can "cure" autism since it is largely hereditary in nature. However, there are a number of treatments which have proved successful in improving the lives of people with autism. Therapy should begin as soon as possible … Source:

  4. Alyssa Reply:

    no but it will become less obvious over time Source:

  5. Etta Reply:

    UNDERSTAND THAT AUTISM IS A DIAGNOSIS, NOT A DISEASE!! Also, understand that another word for diagnosis is LABEL. A child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder will have 1)delay in the development of speech, 2)lack of social skills and 3)… Source:

  6. Delsie Reply:

    Do U really trust Autism Speaks in helping cure Autism? Or is it really just-military complex just to create more an arm of the corporate medicines to create more super soldie

  7. Emmaline Reply:

    I would like to hope my son can! He is almost 4 and has already started to resolve some of his autistic tendencies! With Early Intervention, many skills and behaviors can be learned! Our OT told me candidly that his best case would be to lead a productive life in a job that doesnt require tremendous social skills! She also said that some of her patients that have resolved their autistic tendencies grow into only being Obsessive Compulsive!As far as leading a Normal life by my standards!!! It probably wont happen! My son is happy to not play and to stim on things! He sees no need to interact with others! He is a very happy boy in his own world! I just dont know what his world is like! I know that my sons progress is due to the toys we have selected for him! I am a Discovery Toys rep and we have a wonderful series of toys dedicated to supporting families with Autism! If you want more info, send me an email and I will get you a brochure! discovery!toysshaw!ca

  8. Gertie Reply:

    Currently, autism can not be cured. But with your efforts, you can make improvements. There are many therapists to help autism, like caisen-free diet therapy,

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