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What are controversial issues about autism?

There are hosts of controversies on this topic as some claim that autism can only be controlled and not treated totally! There remains a group of doctors and teachers who relentlessly demand for government funds to treat autism and educate autistic students by different educational reforms! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Renna Reply:

    If you're going to see a counselor about a difficult, recurring or controversial issue such as ADHD or autism treatment, be aware there are many competing Source:

  2. Sirena Reply:

    TV News is all about controversy. Just about every story involves something controversial. The more that people disagree about the subject of a TV news story, the bigger the story is. It is essential that a reporter know how to cover a cont… Source:

  3. Marleen Reply:

    Individuals diagnosed with autism or related pervasive developmental disorders often have difficulty processing sensory input. Sensory issues in autism may lead to negative behaviors and self stimulatory behavior (stims). In order to help p… Source:

  4. Altagracia Reply:

    Who shot President Kennedy? Did America have anything to do with destruction of the twin towers? Is government socializing the nation. Source:

  5. Violette Reply:

    HELP!! controversial Issues!!? Hi. I want to know some of Canada, Globally or anywhere. Thank-you it would really be appreciated of the most controversial issues if you just l

  6. Herlinda Reply:

    Use of limited medical resources such as donor organs for incarcerated felons!

  7. Kesha Reply:

    Several controversial claims have been made with regard to autism and Main article: Thiomersal controversy. In 1999 .. "Doctors issue plea over MMR jab".

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