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What are the chances of having a child with autism?

You have about a 1 in 150 chance of having a sibling with autism! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Veta Reply:

    There are numerous risk factors for autism, one of which is having twins, There are a few documented risk factors that may result in child having autism, such as For fraternal twins, the chance of both twins having autism is between 0 and Source:

  2. Onie Reply:

    I think it is about 1 in every 150 kids. however, it is more common in males, but i am not sure why. It is FOUR times more likely in males, however Autism affects people of ALL racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Luckily the amou

  3. Contessa Reply:

    Your ability to care for a child would depend on your severity of your condition. In any case, it is just necessary to remember that a neurotypical child might require certain attentions that you would not automatically give. Raising childr… Source:

  4. Dessie Reply:

    Drunks are addicts–they’re not stupid. Your father in law is right–vaccines can cause "autism". They did here. No one in my husbands family or mine for 5 generations back has had anything remotely like "autism". Of course "autism" didn’t … Source:

  5. Melba Reply:

    mabe it depends on if anyone likes you Source:

  6. Tomoko Reply:

    My 2 yr old son has autism. what are the chances of be autistic as well? My 2 yr old son having another child that will has autism. what are the chances of having another chil

  7. Velma Reply:

    Wow!Im not an expert on autism, but if your child does have it Im sure you will love it as much even if she didnt have it!Boys arent the only ones that turn out to be drunks and druggies!If you raise him right, hell turn out fine!

  8. Nila Reply:

    What is the chance of having child with autism? mabe it depends on if anyone likes you. What is the risk of having a child with autism if the father has autism?

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