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What does it mean if a baby shakes his head alot?

A baby shaking it’s head in a manner not normal could mean that the baby has ear problems, or it could also be a sign of Autism! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Denisha Reply:

    What Does It Mean When a Duck Vibrates Its Head? A dabbling duck or diving duck that fully submerges its head or plunges below the water's surface may vibrate its head to shake off What Kind of Bedding Does a Baby Duck Need? Source:

  2. Maisie Reply:

    Jan 27, 2009 My eight month old little baby girl has started to shake her head from left to right quite violently. active and waved her arms and legs around alot since she was born My son shook his head like that when he was about the same age. It’s almost as if she’s trying to itch the back of her head, which does

  3. Pauline Reply:

    She has done something he should not regularly approve of, but he sees the humour and decides it is better to find the amusement than act on the "bad" act. Source:

  4. Renata Reply:

    Well my friend had 2 lizards (leopard geckos) and when they were shaking their heads, they were dying. Bring your lizard to the vet quick! Absolutely not. The above answer is 100% incorrect!!!Do not mistake a dragon bobbing his head with a … Source:

  5. Ngoc Reply:

    He sways and shakes his head to keep time whie he is playing piano and singing. Source:

  6. Shera Reply:

    my cat is doing a lot of full body shakes, head shakes, rubs her head against things. the fur on the nape? she rubs her head everywhere of her neck is more wiry and less silky

  7. Donnetta Reply:

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  8. Lina Reply:

    What is it when my baby shakes his head a lot? Answer It! If you mean by thinking, then yes. Just as most smart Why does your baby shake? Illness, fever

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