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What does it mean when someone continually repeats themselves?

Repeating yourself happens if someone feels like no one is listening to them, this could also be something damaged in the brain such as Autism! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Tessie Reply:

    But if an elderly parent begins to repeat themself on a constant basis, or if you see a If you suspect a stroke, do not delay in getting medical attention. 4 It can mean more serious problems as well, such as diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, Find someone to talk to that can empathize with you and make time for yourself . Source:

  2. Corina Reply: advises that dreams that recur or repeat themselves over time are "a I have heard that when you dream about someone they went to sleep . about her constantly and dream about her, so it does mean love Anonymous

  3. Merrill Reply:

    Love between man and woman (ValJean/Fantine, Marius/Cosette) Unrequited love (Marius/Eponine) Parental Love (Fantine/Cosette/ValJean) Those three themes are clearly present, and they endure in the real world. There are many more, allied, th… Source:

  4. Corrin Reply:

    When you forgive someone for the hurt, you free yourself mentally. If they continue to hurt you, try to free yourself physically. Source:'t-think-they-hurt-you-and-who-will-continually-repeat-that-hurt

  5. Lashawna Reply:

    Repetition is one sign that someone is lying. If parts seem to be missing from their story, or they stutter, they’re likely lying. Source:

  6. Eufemia Reply:

    It is believed that history repeats for every 60 Years. What do you think? will 1947-48 History repeats? Of course, names, natures and times may be different. What similariti

  7. Louvenia Reply:

    I do not think there is anything wrong with your ears or hearing physical sounds! The problem is possibly neurological; sound interpretation requires and utilizes several pathways in the brain, some that identifies the source of the sound, others that analyse various attributes of the sound,yet others associated with meaning, purpose and emotional contents! It is possible that there is a slight defect in one of your sound pathways that make interpretation of of some aspect of the auditory signal difficult! This, among other several other reasons, can be caused by insufficient blood supply to a specific pathway,and cerebral atherosclerosis is often the main suspect!

  8. Janis Reply:

    In the process of getting to the point, they constantly repeat themselves. They say essentially the same things, just in different words. What does it mean when a

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