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What does slightly autistic mean?

Autism is a "spectrum disorder"-it ranges from severe to slight! Slightly Autistic refers to a Highly Functioning Autistic Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lakendra Reply:

    this a mistake?Can an autistic child be treated the same as any other child? Blue can mean tired, red can mean mad, and yellow can mean happy. As they Source:

  2. Arminda Reply:

    What Does Autism Mean? What Causes Autism? What Do Doctors Do? How Is Autism Treated? Living With Autism. When Stacey went over to her new friend

  3. Maya Reply:

    I would try and help bring out the person inside them and try to understand them. I am very reserved myself and wouldn’t mind being with another person like that;) If you had the patience to try and get to know them then you may find that j… Source:

  4. Lori Reply:

    Be Clear:Autistics aren’t always "subtle" individuals. We experience the world very deeply, and often have deep emotions. MORE? Source:

  5. Bunny Reply:

    (cont.) In fact, a person with high-functioning autism usually has average or above average intelligence. The differences MORE? Source:

  6. Teisha Reply:

    Am I slightly autistic? Reasons I think I’m slightly autistic: -I am a really social person really awkward things and only but I can say some I laugh and no one else and then

  7. Jina Reply:

    Autism severity is described as a spectrum disorder! This means that some can be severely afflicted while others just mildly! Typically, mild Autism is called Aspergers Syndrome which is a person who has mild autism but is very high functioning! In general, Apserger people have higher than average IQ, a good vocabulary, and are able to focus on subjects that they like to the point of becoming an expert! Many are drawn to music, math and the sciences!There is no cure for autism or Aspergers, it is a neurological dysfunction that can be improved with some medication, as well as psychological intervention, and behavior modification techniques! The fact the he did well in school says a lot! Many with Aspergers do not do well and need assistance with staying on track! Also know that autism or Aspergers is not s single affliction, and it can include other neurological issues such as ADD, ADHD, Touretts, OCD and other problems–all to a greater or lesser degree Misdiagnosis is always possible, especially if it was done more than 10 – 15 years ago when Aspergers was still not widely known about! You can always get another diagnosis!Someone can be slightly autistic, and people who observe him may just think he is a little odd, but no more so that a Normie!Slightly autistic may mean he is only affected mildly by it! This could manifest in any number of ways such as a mild tic physical or vocal, eating his food in a certain order, not liking the feel of rough clothes, being hyper sensitive to bright light or certain smells, and so forth! Unless you knew him well, a minor probelm like this could be explained away by some as normal behavior!

  8. Jeanett Reply:

    Improve. The word 'autism' means (psychiatry) an abnormal absorption with the self; marked by What may cause a slightly elevated white blood cell count?

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