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What kind of doctor do I see if I have autism?

A pediatrician can run some in office tests for Autism, and then refer to a specialist if needed!A special education plan and diet change may be made!Diets like Specific Carbohydrate Diet are proving successful with Autism in many people! on! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Paula Reply:

    Your autism specialist can prescribe a treatment regimen, usually including behavioral Always get a second opinion if you are not sure about the doctor's diagnosis. There are several types of doctors who care for various ailments and Source:

  2. Shala Reply:

    What Do Doctors Do? Kids who have autism usually keep to themselves and many can’t communicate without They also may insist that their toys or other objects be arranged a certain way and get upset if these items are moved or disturbed. But autism isn’t the only problem that can cause these kinds of symptoms.

  3. Alina Reply:

    High blood pressure (hypertension) is a condition that develops gradually over a long period of time, in most cases. The volume of blood the heart pumps versus the resistance in the arteries determines the level of blood pressure in the pat… Source:

  4. Maryjane Reply:

    If you are depressed, you may want to take depression medication, seek counseling or both. To attain medication, however, you will need to see a doctor who can prescribe the appropriate drug and dose. Source:

  5. Earlie Reply:

    The American Academy of Pediatrics defines ADHD as a condition of the brain that makes it difficult for children to control their behavior (Pediatrics, pp. 1158-1170, Vol. 105 No. 5 May 2000). Four types of doctors diagnose and treat ADHD. Source:

  6. Ngoc Reply:

    What kind of doctor specializes in autism in babies and children autism? I’m doing some medical research on up to 2/3years, and i wondered what kind of doctor would specialize

  7. Alessandra Reply:

    Autism is a spectrum disorder! You can have it and be very very mildly impaired! He certainly has sensory issues (sleep, orally tactile defensive with the picky foods, headbanging can be!) He sounds speech delayed! He does not sound cognitively delayed at all! He does sound like he has a mild receptive language delay (understanding of language) however Why and How q are the last developed, what and who come first! The echolalia (repeating) is what sounds like receptive language issues! Pervasive ignoring to his name is a red flag for autistic spectrum disorders!Here is a very accurate PDD assessment screening! Suggest filling it out and bringing it with you!http://www!childbrain!com/pddassess!htmlFrom the brief description, I would think that he would score currently in the mild range of 50-100, and even more specific than that between my sons scores, my sons score 52, and 82! I would think that he would score between these two scores easily around 60-70! Please let me know how he scores! I am usually pretty accurate, but I am not a diagnostician, or clinician, so its only an educated guess! Over time he will improve and the autistic features will lessen! Will an autistic spectrum disorder stick for him?? Hes on the fence, cant tell! Currently though autistic spectrum disorders is being diagnosed extremely easy! If you do get a diagnosis of autism, he may not have it by kindergarten which essentially means he never had it in the first place! A label does not change the level of functioning, and labels change, they are frequently wrong! My oldest, now scoring a 52 scored over 100 at this age! My 3 yr old at his highest scored 88!Kimberlys answer is the only answer I strongly disagree with and I have doubts that she has a doctorate at 26 years old, and I certainly hope she isnt working with young kids because her answer is terrible, because broken sleep is not a sign of not needing it, its a proprioceptive issue same as the headbanging, though headbanging is seen in typical kids 20 percent of the time! For the sleep issues look into a weighted blanket!http://www!weightedblanket!netand melatonin possiblyAnd answering q with echolalia is classic receptive language delay which is indicative of a neurological issue and isnt fixed easily like an articulation speech delay!ETA the meltdowns are sensory! Read the out of sync child by Carol Kranowicz! Also, the wilbarger brushing (read, Sensory defensiveness in children ages 2-12 by Julia and Patricia Wilbarger)! My 3 y!o! had serious meltdowns, in a few weeks of wilbarger brushing it was calm and down to 1-2 a week

  8. Rossana Reply:

    What body systems do autism affect? How many people in the UK have autistic spectrum disorder? What type of people do you work with if your a doctor? Get notified about updated answers; Follow your favorite categories; Get credit for

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