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When was the first case of autism recorded?

Victor, the Wild Boy of Aveyron was the first case ever to be reported of having Autism in 1799! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rubi Reply:

    Rewards for the child; Goals and objectives; Method of recording data. Suggest Edits. 1 The first step for mealtime would be to master sitting at the table. The target The percentage for mastery is determined on a case-by-case basis. 9 Source:

  2. Imogene Reply:

    This will change, I am hoping, as time goes on and the truth becomes known. Soon The first case of autism occurred in 1943 in America, twelve years after a

  3. Gertha Reply:

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  4. Krysten Reply:

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  5. Marti Reply:

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  6. Melony Reply:

    Could I have a minor case of Autism? I have looked up symptoms. It was maybe a month of autism already, I just wanted your opinions or so ago my mom started nicknaming me Auti

  7. Carlene Reply:

    If you have a diagnosis of autism there is a reason you are classified as special ed! This does not mean, however, that you must be in special ed classes or get bad grades! It sounds as though you have a history of problems in your school district, and things probably wont change for you until your attitude changes and you begin to prove yourself! Your goal seems totally unrealistic, mainly with your future salary and home aspirations! And what are you talking about with the college board denying you from being in an AP course?? That is the schools decision, the college board does not dictate which students can and cannot enroll in an AP course, and dont even prevent you from taking the AP exam if you havent had an AP class in the subject area! Theyll happily take your money and let you get a 1!Id talk to your guidance counselor or special ed coordinator to discuss some realistic expectations for your high school coursework and future!

  8. Felicita Reply:

    The simplest and cheapest method is to count known autism cases from sources The second method improves on the first by having investigators examine

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