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How do You Make a New Shirt Look Old

You may have similar questions as How Can I Cut My T Shirt To Look Cute and How To Look Good In A Tshirt,or you may also seek several useful information about How To Make A T Shirt Look Old. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to How to Age a T shirt,too. Read more as following:

When you want to make a new shirt look old tear off a buttom or two and rub some dirt on the sleeves and collar. Now wrinkle it up and you have it looking old.

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How can I Cut my T Shirt to Look Cute?

To make your t shirt cute, you can take a pair of scissors and cut a diagonal line approximately 4 inches into the top collar of your shirt. Then, cut another 4 inches diagonally into the shirt starting at the collar to make a v shape. This is a grea… More »

How to look good in a t-shirt?

1. Get the proper size of t-shirt. Nothing is more unflattering a women’s body than a shapeless, over sized men’s garment. Even for heavy figures, an oversized shirt will only hide curves instead of camouflage size. A shirt that fits properly can fee… More »

How to make a t shirt look old?

1. Take your clean freshly washed T-shirt and lay it on a flat surface. Review the T-shirt and decide what you like about it and do not want to compromise. 2. To wear your T-shirt take sandpaper and rub it over a few sections of the t-shirt repeatedl… More »

How to achieve the layered shirt look?

1. Choose a base layer to begin. A thin, soft T-shirt works well for a more casual look. A button-down works for formal occasions. 2. Top off the T-shirt with a hoodie. Layer a vest over a button-down. 3. Wear a soft, single-breasted blazer or jacket… More »

How to make shirts look fresh?

1. Wash and dry your shirts normally. Use cold water for washing bright colors, warm water for light colors and sheets and hot water for whites. 2. Remove the clothes from the dryer. Take the shirts you wish to iron and put them aside. 3. Set up your… More »

How to make a shirt look punk?

1. Select a shirt for modification. Punk band shirts are appropriate for this, but the style or design really doesn’t matter as you will tear and mark up the shirt with your own designs. 2. Cut holes and slits into your shirt wherever you desire. Clo… More »

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  1. Linzey says:

    Im currently in a play where the characters are all meant to be poor peasant jewish farmers.
    I am playing a mans character.
    I need to make a work shirt look old and worn. Any ideas. I currently have a blue one but I can buy a white one.
    Please don’t suggest rubbing it on the ground outside.

  2. Pokemon Trainer Joey says:

    I’m doing a drama performance where i’m playing a poor women. I have to make my shirt look old and worn by tomorrow, what can i do?

  3. Surjz says:

    I have this cute express wool top i want to wear tonight ….how do wash it and take off those fuzzy balls that makes the shirt look old ? the shirt is made of
    38 acrylic
    30 nylon
    12 mohair
    12 wool
    8 metalliic

  4. Oh,heyyou. says:

    Im making a movie and need tips on practical effects on how to make blood stains on shirts look old. Blood turns dark brown when it drys.

  5. Broadway_fan707 says:

    my shirts look old because of all the lint they get in the dryer i already tried to use a lint roller and a lint machine. wat do you use?

  6. Kel Bel says:

    want to fade a black t-shirt I want to make it look older and more worn out please help.

  7. Kyle says:

    We’re doing T-shirt designs and I want to make the picture on mine look old and damaged. However, I do not know how to achieve this effect in Photoshop. If anyone could point me to a good tutorial or tell me how themselves, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  8. Sanu says:

    I am going as Mrs. Lovett for halloween but i dont want to buy a costume off of ebay. i have a black bustle skirt does anyone have any tips to make it look old and mangy? Also if you know where i can find a good shirt that would be much appreciated as well.

  9. Nina says:

    I’m working on the finishing touches for my Halloween costume.
    And i’m going to be a pirate :)
    The thing is, some of the parts of my costume are newer.
    I’m just looking for any suggestions to make the clothing items look older.

  10. Keith says:

    What can I do to intentionally fade the color on a t-shirt? I want it to look old.
    Washing it with bleach seems like the wrong way to lightly fade something. Isn’t there a way to age it? Bleach leaves bleach spots, right?

  11. Taofeek Bamidele says:

    Hello, I bought a lacoste shirt and put it in the washer and dryer. When I took it out, it looked incredibly old with lint all over it. There’s no way to fix it right?

  12. Gabi Roe says:

    I have some nice t shirts i bought with different graphics on them such as some ed hardy shirts. i am afraid of washing them b/c then they will have that washed used shirt look to them. how to i avoid that and keep them looking nice?

  13. Peacebalance says:

    thanks a lot

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