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Why does Nail Polish Bubble When Applied

You may have such questions as Why Nails Bubble after Polishing Them and What Makes Nail Polish Bubble,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Does Nail Polish Bubble up. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Air Bubbles in Nail Polish,too. Read more as following:

Nail polish will form air bubbles when applied too thickly or if a second coat is applied before the first is fully dry. Also, shaking your nail polish bottle prior to applying can create air bubbles to form. When applying polish, do not shake the polish (roll it between your palms) and apply two thin coats, allowing the first to dry before applying the second.

Why nails bubble after polishing them?

According to Image ProvoCateur, one of the first steps to preventing bubbles is to clean your nails before applying polish, especially if you have filed or buffed them. Additionally, make sure to clean the applicator brush of your polish. Simply run... More »

What makes nail polish to create bubbles after applying?

This will usually occur when you have applied a layer over another without the first one drying enough. The trick is patience, apply a first single coat thinly, allow to to dry completely and then apply a second coat and you should have no more bubbl... More »

Why does nail polish bubble up when you paint your nails?

either, because the nail polish is too thick, or old. most polishes do no, why not try, getting a new nail polish see if it does, mine don't bubble up, however some brands do because they may be cheap and not well made. My Answer-. Yeah, if you put t... More »

Why does Nail Polish Bubble?

Bubbles can appear in nail polish due to shaking the bottle. Instead of shaking it, gently roll the bottle between the palms of your hands. You can also lesson the bubble effect by painting thin coats of polish on your nails; using a base coat may he... More »

Who invented nail polish?

In the 1930s the car industry boomed. New types of strongly opaque pigments were used in vehicle paints. This technology was adopted by the brothers Charles und Joseph Revlon, who developed the first nail varnish in 1932. Thanks to this invention the... More »

How to Apply Nail Polish?

To apply nail polish you should first start with clean nails. Next you should apply a base coat, let it dry and next you should apply your main coat (the color you want) and last you should apply a top coat. With these steps you should have your colo... More »


  1. Rosa Adame Reply:

    why are there bubbles inside my bottle of nail polish?Every time i apply it to my nails i see bubbles on the brush.I never shake my nail polishes.

  2. Someone… Reply:

    Whenever i put on nail polish, i always get these nail polish bubbles and its so unattractive….

  3. Calista Reply:

    Just earlier today I bought a new OPI nail polish. I applied two coats of it about an hour ago, and when it dried little bubbles appeared on the top coat. How can I prevent this? And also I shaked the bottle before applying it and the polish was brand new. Thank you!

  4. Colton’s Mommy Reply:

    I always want my polish on my fingernails to be smooth and even. But there are times when there are hardened gas bubbles or blisters (or whatever you may call them) on it after applying. Is that because of too much polish, or is it because of the heat or expiration? And how can I prevent them?

  5. Robyn Reply:

    I need tips on applying nail polish neatly without streaks and clumpy gluggy looking bits on it and so it can last longer.

    I bought french polish set and it comes with the orange stick, rosy polish, white polish, clear polish and the stencil stickers.. and tips on that too thanks.

  6. Akash Reply:

    Can I add a bit of nail polish thinner to a normal bottle of nail polish (it’s not thick or anything yet) to prevent bubbling when it’s applied?

  7. Ada Apa Reply:

    Okay, so now I know how to PREVENT this from happening, but it’s a bit too late for that. Now that I’ve already applied the nail polish, how do I get rid of them? Would using just a bit of nail polish remover to kind of smooth it out work?
    Tar, are you retarded?

  8. Experincso Reply:

    This doesn’t happen with all my nail polish. Just a bottle or two. I don’t shake the bottles much and they seem to go on smooth. Once it has dried on the nails there are all these tiny little bubbles. How do you avoid this?

  9. Requiem Reply:

    Ive tried EVERYTHING. Not shaking the nail polish, rolling it between my hands. Having clean nails before applying nail polish, waiting for the nail polish to dry before applying another coat, And applying thin coats still air bubbles.

  10. Kristian Reply:

    Okay, so now I know how to PREVENT this from happening, but it’s a bit too late for that. Now that I’ve already applied the nail polish, how do I get rid of them? Would using just a bit of nail polish remover to kind of smooth it out work?

  11. Jesse Rocha Reply:

    When I do my manicure, and put the second layer of nail polish, it gets bubbles on it. I don’t have acrylics, is on my natural nails.

  12. Horses Reply:

    My nail polish on my nails does this after applying the second coat and it dries with little bubbles and isnt smooth. Why does it do this, and how can I prevent it?

  13. Marybeth Reply:

    After i finish applying my nail polish and everything dries, i get little dots on each nail. i think they’re like air bubbles or something. can i get rid of them? My nail polish is Brucci nail hardener. They bother me appearance wise.

  14. Callum Reply:

    I am 13 year old boy and when i apply nail polish, (i am not gay, girls love that i do it) i get tens of bubbles. I have a bit of OCD so when i get bubbles it really bugs me. So i want to know how to get no or very few bubbles when applying polish. Any tips or suggestions?

  15. Serialized Reply:

    Hi! I recently bought an $8 bottle of OPI nail polish that I really like, but when I applied it, the polish bubbles on my nails. I reapplied it several times with the same results. Do you know any tricks/tips for preventing this from happening, or fixing it once it happens? Thank you!

  16. Dave Reply:

    I sometimes apply nail polish and after drying up they look terrible cause there is way too many bubbles!!! Does it have to do with the brand or what?

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