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how do people smoke crack cocaine

You may have similar questions as How Does a Person Smoke Crack and How To Smoke Crack Cocaine,or you may also seek several useful information about How to Use Crack Cocaine. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Ways to Smoke Crack Cocaine,too. Read more as following:

The most popular way that people smoke the illegal drug called crack is by smoking it. This is done by the user placing some of it into a pipe and them puts steel wool on the other end of the pipe and lights it.

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How does a Person Smoke Crack?

The drug called crack, which is pieces of cocaine, are smoked in a pipe that allows the crack to be in the bowl and the flame to be held under the bowl. This heats the crack, turning it to vapors that are then inhaled. This is illegal and extremely a… More »

How to Smoke Crack Cocaine?

Some people smoke crack out of a pipe, and some people smoke it out of a can. If they smoke it in a crack pipe, they use brillo as a screen and stick the crack cocaine into it, light it and smoke it…. More »

How do people use crack cocaine?

Crack cocaine is meant to be smoked. It was specifically designed to be an easier-to-smoke form of cocaine. It is, in fact, pretty much nothing but cocaine and baking soda boiled together, along with a couple of other household ingredients…. More »

Who invented crack cocaine?

There is no real answer of who exactly invented it. For many years cocaine was used in medications and hair tonics. It was used for a cure all even though they were aware of side effects from the get go. Crack itself is a less pure form of freebase c… More »

How long does crack cocaine stay in your system?

Mouth swab, urine and blood testing: aprox. 72 – 96 hours (though this can depend on various other factors such as amout taken, diet and amount of fluids consumed). Hair strand testing: traces can stay in the hair until hair is cut (cutting out the p… More »

How to Cook Crack Cocaine?

Cooking crack cocaine is when you heat up cocaine with water and baking soda to get out the impurities. But aside from that, it is illegal and dangerous. Don’t do it. Perhaps you should try sports!… More »

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  1. Midnightfruit says:

    i have experience with drugs and was wondering if anyone on here could explain the feeling of smoking crack cocaine. weird question i know but i had a dream the other night and it was very enjoyable. serious answers only thanks.

  2. Poisonedplaguerat says:

    Can smoking crack cocaine actually make a person’s face age? I mean, like get wrinkles and start looking older? My friend says yes, but how? I can see how it damages your lungs and brain, but how your face?

  3. Abinaya says:

    To further emphasize my question, I am referring to their disposition and self respect. Do you suppose that Women primarily are good natured that smoke Crack Cocaine? Honest & Trustworthy?

  4. Chris And Shirley says:

    Why do peoples’ teeth fall out from them smoking crack cocaine?

  5. Erin says:

    What are the effects on a healthy person who uses smokes crack cocaine only once and inhales one “hit” of this substance? Long-term, short-term…

  6. Nate says:

    Why? Are people who smoke crack cocaine suicidal? Why on earth would anybody stoop that low? Are they not totally aware of the result? So, how do they do it, do they go “Mhmm.. you know what.. I want a really dramatic change for the worse in my life, where is that pipe?” why do they do it? Why?

  7. Iga says:

    Ive been addicted to junk food most my life ( as in I steal for it…Im addicted trust me) I only recently tried smoking Crack cocaine. Yea the drugs are awesome and I do crave them BUT when it comes down to it the craving for junk food (such as pizza an pop) is stronger. Is that unusual?

  8. Spiritus Works says:

    Can a person get “so high” from smoking crack cocaine? I mean, like if they smoke it all in one night, do they get to a plateau where they’re not going to get high no more? Thanks. Em

  9. Sunny says:

    He claims to have smoked crack but tests negative for cocaine, tests positive for Meth though. Claims he thought it was coke. Lying or stupid? Addict yes, but lying about it or was it intentional?

  10. Lovely Dork says:

    while ppl who smoke crack COCAINE are dirty gutter rats? Can someone give me a good logical explination when it is the same DRUG?

  11. Howler says:

    SWIM smoked crack cocaine for, like, 2 days in a row….about $500 to $600 worth. They have to get a blood test for a new job in 1 week. Will the crack cocaine be out of their system? Thanks. Emily

  12. Shannon says:

    The show explicity shows people shooting up, snorting and smoking crack, cocaine, pot, meth etc. Why is it legal for them to do it just because they’re on television in a reality show?

  13. Jenney says:

    Okay, well, I’ve been smoking crack cocaine, and I’ve been wanting to melt it and shoot it into my arm, but I need a way to hide the needle marks. Any ideas, people?

  14. High Heel Hanna. says:

    Just curious as I watch intervention and I am confused. I also come from Australia and have never heard of crack cocaine.

    If this is a dumb question sorry, But I needed to know

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