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How does Pressure Affect Dissolving Process

You may have such questions as What Three Factors Affect The Dissolving Process and What Causes Things to Dissolve,or you may also seek several helpful information about Which Liquid Dissolves Pills Faster. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to What Factors Affect the Dissolving Process,too. Read more as following:

Pressure can affect the dissolving process if temperature is a contributing factor. Most of time the higher the temperature the the better the dissolving process will speed up it occurrences. This all depends on whether the compound is broken down and reached at a slower or quicker temperature. ;chm/vchembook/174temppres.html

What three factors affect the dissolving process?

Dissolution is chemical phenomena in which the solvent and solute act as reactants and the solution so formed is the product of the reaction. Like any chemical reaction, dissolution is also affected by factors like temperature, surface area of the re... More »

What Causes Things to Dissolve?

In order for something to dissolve, you need to break down the bond between the solvent and the solute. There also has to be enough energy given off to assist with the breakage. To find more information click here: ... More »

Which liquid dissolves pills faster?

Acids... but you can't drink it ! The best liquid is water... it's most recommended and it works pretty quick.... More »


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  3. Kittynyc Reply:

    a.Particle size and temperature
    b.Particle size and degree of mixing
    c.Temperature and degree of mixing
    d.Temperature and the nature of solute and solvent

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  11. Xxrawrxx Reply:

    i know that volume decreases with increasing pressure, but how does the concentration then increase? also what affect does temperature have on solubility?

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  13. Manny Reply:

    Pulverizing the solid
    Heating the solution
    Increasing the pressure

  14. Philbot Reply:

    Would you expect HCl, a gas at room temperature, to be very soluble in water?

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