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Why do Alcoholics have Red Skin

You may have such questions as Why Do Alcoholics Have Red Faces and Why Do Alcoholics Have Purple Noses,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Are Red Spots On Skin. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Why Do Alcoholics Have Night Sweats,too. Read more as following:

Alcoholics have red skin because alcohol causes small capillaries in the skin to become dilated. Dilated capillaries cause a flushing sensation and in turn that is where the red color comes from. It is very similar to taking niacin.

Why do alcoholics have red face?

"Blood-sludging" red blood cells clump together causing small blood vessels to plug u...... More »

What are Red Spots on Skin?

Red spots on the skin can be a symptom of many things going on in the body. Red spots may be the result of a rash beginning. Red spots that turn into blisters could mean a virus.... More »

Why do alcoholics have big red noses?

Blood Flow,... More »

Why are alcoholic's skin red?

It's because your body can't handle the alcohol and the red blood cells tend to bur...... More »

What Causes Red Spots on Skin?

If you have red spots on your skin it could be a number of things. You could have had an allergic reaction to something like a new cloths detergent, could also be a reaction to something in the environment, or it might be caused by a virus. See your... More »


  1. Jennyhoran Reply:

    I got my stomach, throat, ears, skin carotid checked and everything is mormal. It is really anoying me because starts slowly in the morning and as the day progress it gets worse like I am burning 150 degrees of fever and very tired.

  2. Suzistar Reply:

    I get heaps of blind pimples now and then, never white heads just big sore ones under the skin, what should i do?

  3. Drake Reply:

    I have heard that red wine offers some health benefits. I enjoy an occasional drink during the evening and was wondering if red wine is a better than white wine or other alcoholic drinks. Thanks!

  4. Junebug Reply:

    I have mild acne, but get brown marks left on my skin after a pimple has cleared. This occurs mainly on the upper lip and chin. Any suggestions?

  5. Macie Reply:

    I need help I am not doing anything right. My skin looks dull and my teeth are yellow and I am over weight and depressed. What can I start doing to look and feel better? Any daily routines that make you look and feel great?

  6. Heather Reply:

    I of course have my daily skin regimen: cleanser, toner, moisturizer. But sometimes I get one or more rather unsightly pimples that I’d prefer to tone down before facing the general public the next day. So what are some household things you’ve found to work for you?

  7. Laminisa Reply:

    Im studyin for finals and was drinkin a red bull to stay awake. I got this huge headache so i took excedrin. I got frustrated because 20 minutes later, it wasnt workin. So i took two advil. Now i feel really wierd

  8. Jessica Schmid Reply:

    when ever i drink ANY alcoholic beverage i get red faced spreds down to my neck and chest its hot a itchy and it burns… it does go away after a few more drinks.. hmmm whats up with that?
    no iam not asian i am a all american whitey

  9. Nina Reply:

    So when I drink beer or wine or hard alcohol I’ve noticed that sometimes I will get very hot, like my face and neck. And then very red blotches will form on my neck, shoulders, and face. Is this an allergic reaction? Any ideas?

  10. Adam Silva Reply:

    It’s not acne, it’s not dry, it is simply bright red on my cheeks and around the creases of my nose. Even with a heavy make up on, its red. Ive tried no makeup, but it seems nothing is irritating it. It is simply red. What can i do to fix it?

  11. Olga Reply:

    not only is it red but its rounded,is this due to too much blood or what?I notice its not everyone who drinks.Also does this happen to men & women alike?

  12. Pau = ) Reply:

    That’s basically it, is it healthy for me to drink a glass of red wine a day?

  13. Melissa.reich Reply:

    Yup!!,, everytime I drink any type of alcoholic beverages my skin turns RED. Is that a GOOD thing or BAD thing? Is there any cure for this?

  14. Kieran O’leary Reply:

    When I get out of the shower my skin is so dry after a few minutes it make sme shudder to put on my clothes.You know that horrible feeling you get when your hands are really dry and you touch the front of paper? Well thats how my entire body feels every morning.

  15. Milvia Reply:

    Red skinned all over, face rash, a drastic drop in fat weight, feeling warm or hot to touch, regular bowel movements and a raging appetite?

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