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Why does Alcohol Make You Angry

You may have such questions as How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System and Why Does Alcohol Make People Angry,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is On The Alcohol Drink The Angry Chameleon. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to History of Alcohol,too. Read more as following:

Alcohol lowers a persons inhibitions and effects their better judgment. If a person has poor judgment and lower standards, the least little thing can cause them to become angry. Never argue with a drunk.

How Long does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

There are a few different factors to how long alcohol stays in your system. About 10% of what is consumed will leave your body through sweat, urine, and your breath. The rest is broken down in your body by way of metabolic rate called blood alcohol c... More »

Why does alcohol make people angry?

That's a good question and I know way too many people that are affected that way by it.... More »

What is on the alcohol drink the angry chameleon?

2 ounces of Bacardi white rum is the alcohol in the Angry Chameleon....... More »

Where Did Alcohol Originate?

There is evidence to support that grapes were fermented into wine at least 10,000 years ago. Beer and mead are thought to be even older than that.... More »

Why do some guys become angry when they drink alcohol?

Some guys such as alcoholics cant proccess things when they are drunk, they will not rationalize and in there minds they are always right.... More »

Why are people under the influence of alcohol angry all the time?

There are a great many reasons that people repress anger. When they drink, their judgment and ability to censor their behavior is one of the first things to go, and repressed anger is one of the first things to come out.... More »


  1. Shockt Reply:

    Why would people put alcohol in their bodies if it doesn’t make them feel good and it makes them angry and sad? I know some people drink because it makes them happy but if it makes some people angry or sad, what’s the point? Why would people want to feel worse?

  2. Gitmogcr Reply:

    Now a days, iam getting angry now n then for even a petty lie or a small reason which hurts me and i shout on my people like anything. This is just resulting to loose them.

    Please help me out to be in control n cool down myself all the time……

  3. Zebidee Reply:

    My husband just spent three days in a detox unit for alcohol addiction, and all he has done today is sleep, and he has been giving me the cold shoulder. Is this normal behavor?

  4. Natalie Petrella Reply:

    tequila makes my friend angry, makes me want to do naughty things, and makes my other friend super excited. nothing else does this for any of us. what is it in tequila that makes it a different drunk?

  5. Janette Reply:

    Beer isn’t so bad, but liqour and whiskey are evil… Why does alcohol make normally good hearted people act like fools that belong in jail?
    I wonder because I have drank beer for 8 years, but I’ve only drank hard liqour a few times… Each time I drank hard liqour, trouble occured.

  6. Bryce W Reply:

    I don’t even think she realizes how bad her alcoholism is. She gets drunk daily and phones everyone she knows, slurring her words. She seems so angry at everyone and everything. Anyone with advice that has a similair situation with a friend or family member. I’m sick with worry too.

  7. Luis Reply:

    I’ve always wondered.
    My parents drink and they become angry and argumentative, why do they drink if the same thing happens every time?

  8. Cindy Reply:

    Can an alcoholic ever drink again, and enjoy alcohol in moderation as most people do?

    Or must they abstain from alcohol all their lives?

  9. Fahadjk Reply:

    If a boy or girl aged between 8 to 14 takes alcohol, what would be the ill effects in his/her body ? Will that have any difference from an adult who takes alcohol ?

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