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Is Blood Blue Inside Your Body

You may have such questions as Is Your Blood Blue or Red and Is Your Blood Really Blue,or you may also seek several helpful information about Is Blood Blue before It Hits Oxygen. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to True Color of Blood,too. Read more as following:

No, blood is not blue inside your body. Blood is never blue inside the human body at all. The vessels or veins under your skin look blue due to the absorption of light within the skin and body tissues and the way your eye perceives the colors.

Is blood blue or red?

Blood that contains hemoglobin is always red. Since humans cannot survive without hemoglobin, human blood is always red . There are some vertebrate species that do not require hemoglobin for survival, and in those creatures blue blood is possible. Ho... More »

Is your blood really blue?

Blood is blue only in cephalopods (like octopi and squid) because they use a copper based molecule instead of an iron based one. Your veins appear blue because the overlying tissue bends the light, like the atmosphere bends light to make the sky look... More »

Is Blood Blue Before It Hits Oxygen?

Blood is blue or red depending on it having combined with oxygen. The blood in the arteries (blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart) is red because oxygen has attached to the hemoglobin (a pigment that combines with oxygen) in the red blo... More »

What Makes Blood Red?

Blood is red when the proteins in it are exposed to the oxygen in the air. This happens because the oxygen alters the shape of the protein that is in the hemoglobin, and hence, reflects light differently to make the blood red. //','_blank')" > More »

What color is unoxygenated blood?

blood is never blue but arterial blood lacking oxygen is darker... venous blood is dark red arterial blood is bright red capillary blood is brick red... More »

Why is blood blue inside of the body?

Because it's. blood without oxygen. disregard the above answer, if your blood had no oxygen you wouldn't be alive, blood is never blue. its totally ridiculous for anybody to say blood is blue. its always red. have you ever seen blue blood.... More »


  1. Wayne H Reply:

    It seems true because your veins are blue? I have heard this somewhere and wanted your opinion. Thanks!

  2. Fatoum Reply:

    I’ve seen Many people argue between wether your blood is always red, or blue in your body until you get a cut or something and it turns red. I’m just curious about which is right.

  3. Gertrude Reply:

    Our human blood is actually blue. The blood turn red because it touch the oxygen in the air. If the oxygen is in blood, does the blood turn red? Im bad at this phase stuff okay.

  4. Albert Reply:

    I’ve always heard that your blood is blue when it is inside your body, and it turns red when it reaches oxygen outside your body.

  5. Madison Miller Reply:

    This is one of the dumbest things I ever heard, but apparently its pretty widespread. Why? Human blood is read both inside and outside of the body.

  6. Melydelyrox Reply:

    I heard that blood is really blue when it is in the body but when it is exposed to air it turns res. Is this true?

  7. Stephenie Reply:

    Is your blood blue before it leaves your body and then turns red when it mixes when oxygen?

  8. Gibson Reply:

    I have heard that blood is a blue colour in the body and comes out red when outside, is this true or just a myth?

  9. Fish Stix Suck Reply:

    This is a question that has perplexed me for a while now. If your blood is blue inside of your body (or until it reacts with oxygen), why when blood floods your cheeks in a blush is it pink/red?

  10. Pau = ) Reply:

    When i was in grade 3 or 4 i was taught that blood is blue when it is inside your body but turns red when exposed to air. Is this true? My mother is contradicting me.

  11. Selina Reply:

    I am trying to tell my younger brother that blood is blue when it is inside the body, and red when it reaches oxygen. Will you please tell us if it really is blue inside you. A website would be nice to have to, so I can go to it for proof. Thanks.

  12. Howler Reply:

    Is blood blue inside your body and then turns red when it touches oxygen?

  13. Ambs Reply:

    My science teacher tells me that your blood is red inside your body and that your veins are blue. Many other adults have told me that your blood is blue until it it comes out of your body and is exposed to oxygen, then it turns red. Which is true?

  14. Francis Valiente Reply:

    i know this is in the wrong cat. but in the biology section there is like zip going on.
    I have always been taught that blood was blue when it is inside the body, but when exposed to air it turns red. Is this true? has anyone else been taught this in thier early years?

  15. Kome Reply:

    My math teacher told me that blood is blue inside the body, but turns red when it hits oxygen. I have also heard that it is just red inside the body. What color is blood inside the body?

  16. Julie Reply:

    Is human blood blue or red, like does it just look blue because of the sun light, or because of the veins, or is it blue when inside the body and then red when it exits the body?

  17. Jamie Reply:

    Your blood is blue inside your body, thats why your veins are blue. It turns red outside the body because it mixes with oxygen. There is no oxygen in space, so if you cut yourself out there, would your blood be blue?

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