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What Foods Contain Olestra

You may have such questions as What Is Olestra Made of and Is Olestra Bad for You,or you may also seek several helpful information about Which Foods In The Uk Contain Olestra. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to List of Foods Made with Olestra,too. Read more as following:

Some of the foods that contain olestra are in some brands of potato chips, crackers, cheese and French fries. Frito-Lay chips are a common brand of chips that contain olestra.

What exactly is olestra and is it bad or good for you?

Olestra is a fat substitute. It is found in a number of snack foods, from potato chips to frozen desserts. In these products, you'll find it in the ingredient list under its brand name, Olean. Fats normally bind to the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, a... More »

Which foods in the uk contain olestra?

Fat Free Pringles :) ♥... More »

What common food items contain olestra?

Olestra is a fake fat, used to make non-fat potato chips and other snacks. Ole...... More »

What snack foods contain olestra or elstrol?

Non-fat potato chips are notorious for containing Olestra. Thanks for usi...... More »


  1. Shauneill Kyle Reply:

    i think my son may be having a problem with this fake fat and i was wondering if anybody knows of brand names and products that contain this problem fat. i already know one is apparently pringles :) thanks x

  2. Melissa.reich Reply:

    I am pregnant with my second baby. I do not know how far along I am yet as I just found out. But I have been throwing up nonstop for the past two days. Why is this so much worse with my second baby? Also, is this any indication of how far along I am?

  3. Juan Reply:

    I am a beginner vegan, and today i snacked on Pringles Lights, which are made with Olestra (from Olean) Is this product vegan? I am also allergic to gluten, and i’ve read that this product is gluten free. Please tell me if i’m wrong!
    Thanks :)

  4. Wolf Reply:
  5. Emolove(: Reply:

    What foods sold in the U.S. contain olestra? I am allergic to it and know some potato chips contain it, but I don’t know what kind or what other kinds of food have it in it. Thank you!

  6. Boxinii Reply:

    I was in NH last summer and we bought some fat free or very low fat (can’t remember which) chips which were really really good! We don’t have those in Canada. I think I heard a rumour that they cause cancer or something.

  7. Tamie Thompson Reply:

    the first is 100% all natural egg beaters. They have 25 calories and 5 grams of protein. No fat. No cholestrol. But I read somewhere that they are bad for you? why
    and the other is fat free lays potatoe chips made with olestra. Why?

  8. Melanie Reply:

    I am going to the store and would love to know what made you stop being sick

  9. Drake Reply:

    I am under 8 weeks pregnant and have some bad morning sickness. I am travelling a long way tomorrow for work and already get travel sickness.. I am dreading the journey. What would be some good things to take or try? Thank you!

  10. Derrick Reply:

    i ask because that’s what they substitute in light lays chips and i’d kinda like to know what i might be eating 😉

  11. Cammy-kat Reply:

    it’s a oil they use in lays potato chips. they use it only in the fat free lays though.

  12. Nonofyourbussiness Reply:

    I’m thinking it might be because of the food i ate last night because the oil looks the same but i could be wrong. If you’ve experienced this before please tell me your story and if you realized what the cause was of it in the first place. I feel really weird right now.

  13. You Jelly Reply:

    I have stopped purchasing/eating snack foods because I kept getting major stomache pains after eating snacks containing Olestra. (However, I would like to eat snack food every once in a while, if it won’t involve being doubled over with severe pain : ( Thanks for any info you have: )

  14. Mayjoy Reply:

    If someone who is morbidly obese need to lose weight and she cut out fats in their diet completely but chooses foods that only contain Olestra instead of normal is that detrimental to her.

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