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Why does Gender Affect Your Heart Rate

You may have such questions as Do Boys or Girls Have a Higher Resting Heart Rate and How Does Exercise Affect Heart Rate,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Affects Heart Rate. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Heart Rate Chart,too. Read more as following:

Women generally have a slightly higher heart rate than men. It is thought this affect happens because women have less muscle mass than men and the faster heart rate is a compensation for the females gender’s lower metabolism rate.

Do Boys Or Girls have a Higher Resting Heart Rate?

After several studies on the question, do boys or girl have a higher reasting heart rate, it appears that the females win this one, but just barely. Boys have a resting heart rate of about 70 beat per minutes and girls have a resting heart rate of 75... More »

How does Exercise Affect Heart Rate?

Exercise affects the heart rate by the amount of blood the heart pumps which should increased to match the demand of ones skeletal muscle. ... More »

What Affects Heart Rate?

Lots of different things affect the heart rate including situations and exercise. When exercising your heart works harder. When asleep the heart slows down.... More »

How is Heart Rate Affected By Exercise?

When you exercise it raises your heart rate. When you stop exercising your heart rate will go back down to your regular heart rate. No worries though it is normal.... More »

What factors affect heart rate?

Factors that affect the heart rate are exercise, pain, stress, medications and blood pressure. These things can increase and even decrease the heart rate.... More »

How does Caffeine Affect the Heart Rate?

Caffeine affects the heart rate because caffeine is a stimulant. When you put stimulants into your body it can cause your heart rate to rise.... More »


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    This is the sentence: :The RR50 value and the LFP/HFP ratio were calculated every two minutes based on R-R interval data.” LFP/HFP I don’t really understand either, so if you have a short explanation that would be great.

    Thanks :)

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  8. Allison Reply:

    what are some of my controlled variables in my experiment of how tempo of a song affects the heart rate of a homo sapien? i already have some like age, gender, physical fitness, and stuff like that. can you think of any more good ones.

  9. Aubree Mccall Reply:

    Describe an investigation to find out how smoking affects the heart rate

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    I’ve got a school project where I need to find research on CHD and all the risk factors, but I can’t find anything regarding how being male or female affects your chances of suffering from this disease… Please help!

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    my project is what heart rate is higher when resting a men or a woman?
    heres my proposal :
    The category I would like to use for my science fair project is health science. I would determine if gender in middle aged people affects resting pulse rate.
    i dont know how to do an outline though ?

  17. Vvm Reply:

    since the male heart is larger does it slow down in time and since the female heart rate is smaller it increases

  18. Dasha Reply:

    There are various factors that can influence the regulation of our heart rate, such as Epinephrine (adrenaline), age, gender, exercise, and body temperature. Apparently the Extrinsic nervous system can affect the regulation of our heart rate too. How??? …and in what way???

  19. Mariah Giles Reply:

    Please answer soon its really late and this lab is due tomorow :( well yah its basicaly a lab about changing factors and seeing how it affects your heart rate and gender differences so if you could tell me why males can pump blood faster it would be appriciated…

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