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Are you suppose to pop blisters from burns?

Leave it alone! The outer skin of the blister will, of course, get hard because the skin cells are dead! This is Nature’s MORE?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Laurene Reply:

    Blisters are common injuries in the outdoors, but if these pop on their own You know that feeling — the irritation followed by the stinging burn of a fresh blister. Source:

  2. Annita Reply:

    They say if you pop a blister it might get infected. That being said, If you must it the right way Steps 1 Step One–Wash your hands with disinfectant soap and water. 2 Step Two–Put on latex gloves. 3 Step Three–Clean around th

  3. Rosalva Reply:

    Pawpaw cream and a bandaid Source:

  4. Brigid Reply:

    Clean it gently with soap and water. Trim away dead skin. If it’s less than the size of a quarter (2cm or 2/3in), you can rinse it with hydrogen peroxide or betadine, bandage, and do a wound check every day or two until it heals. If it’s ov… Source:

  5. Lillia Reply:

    it takes 3 years <— 3 yrs? stfu it takes several weeks at least depending on whether or not you get an infection from popping the blister or just leave it alone until it pops and drains on its own which usually doesnt hurt by that time it… Source:

  6. Jeffie Reply:

    My feet keep getting blisters and get blisters. Even with the cheap plastic burns.. Every time I try to my feet get a burn wear sandals and flip flops from the strap or I flip

  7. Corine Reply:

    They say if you pop a blister it might get infected! That being said, If you must pop!!!!!do it the right waySteps1 Step One–Wash your hands with disinfectant soap and water! 2 Step Two–Put on latex gloves! 3 Step Three–Clean around the site of the blister using a disinfectant soap or solution! 4 Step Four–Sterilize the tip of a needle, knife or scalpel by soaking it for at least three minutes in a disinfectant solution or heating it until it glows red, then cools! 5 Step Five–Make a small incision at the base of the blister! Make sure you leave the roof of the blister attached so it can continue to protect the skin! 6 Step Six–Use a gloved finger to gently push the fluid out! 7 Step Seven–Apply antibiotic ointment to a piece of gauze and cover the wound! 8 Step Eight–Cut a hole the size of the blister in a piece of moleskin! 9 Step Nine–Cover the blister with the moleskin so that the blister rests in the middle of the hole and the adhesive sticks to the skin around the blister! 10 Step Ten–Check the blister every day for signs of infection: heat, pain and swelling on or around the blister, pus, red streaks radiating from the blister, or feverhttp://www!ehow!com/how_9064_treat-blisters!html

  8. Somer Reply:

    I also Should you pop your blister? no, never. What should one not do to blisters from a burn? Blisters should not be broken. Should you drain a burn blister?

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