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Can vitamin e pills help reduce scars?

Yes! Apply the oil in the pill to a burn or a blister, and it aids in the healing process, helping reduce blisters and scars! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ngan Reply:

    This vitamin helps with circulation and proper brain function. People with heart You can use vitamin E on old scars and on new wounds, to reduce permanent scarring. Vitamin E oil or capsules; sterile pin; light medical gauze. Suggest Source:

  2. Lashay Reply:

    Can Vitamin E Capsules Help Prevent Scarring? One of the most popular home remedies for scar healing is the topical use of vitamin E capsules or pills.

  3. Onita Reply:

    Vitamin C can help normalize the problem areas, reduce oiliness, and restore sebum balance. Source:

  4. Jillian Reply:

    Vitamin E can be used to treat and reduce the appearance of scars. Thanks! Source:

  5. Marguerite Reply:

    Vitamin E is an important part of any person’s nutritional makeup. This vitamin helps with circulation and proper brain function. People with heart disease and stroke risk are often prescribed vitamin E by their doctor, to help reduce clots… Source:

  6. Laurice Reply:

    Does Vitamin E reduce acne scars Vitaman E capsule and poking? i heard that taking a a hole in it,using the oil on your face will reduce this true? if so, how long

  7. Shavonda Reply:

    Hiya, im sorry to hear about your problem! Ive suffered with spot problems but not as severe as yours i dont think so! Ive tried loads of different things and nothing has really worked properly but recently ive used Garnier exfo brusher oil control wash to try and reduce the oil on my face but its quite strong and left my skin really dry under my chin but i was probably using too much,(then I used plamers cocoa butter to moisturise it) so far its ok! Ive also started to take vitamin c and e tablets every day (you can buy then quite cheaply) for about a week and a half! The vitamin e tablets i bought were like oil ones like these http://static3!depositphotos!com/1000504/109/i/450/dep_1090173-Vitamin-oil-capsules!jpg and then i cut one open (apart from the one ive taken) and smooth the oil on my spots and leave it overnight (but i did try and you should test it out first for a couple of hours if you are going to try it in case it stings or something (mine didnt at all, it just felt as if I put olive oil on it) then wash it off in the morning! Ive found that for some reason i havent had nearly any spots on where Ive put it (only very very small ones that go in a day) Thats whats happened so far anyway! But Im not going to put it every day, i want to leave my skin a rest!Hope it helps! Good luck with whatever you do!

  8. Johnie Reply:

    You can also scrub it with baking soda twice a day and apply vitamin E oil on the Scientific studies have shown that the following help to get rid of scars: Two more natural remedies, cocoa butter and vitamin E capsules, when applied to the area may help fade the. . What is the quickest way to lower your cholesterol

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