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Can you get fever blisters by kissing?

Cold sores, sometimes called feverblisters, can be passed by kissing, sharing utensils, cups or other items another person with a cold sore may have used! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Gladys Reply:

    The cause of fever blisters is a strain of the herpes simplex virus. Children typically get the virus when kissed by an infected adult who is a relative or There are, however, measures you can take to help protect yourself against infection. Source:

  2. Tessa Reply:

    There is a possibility that you can get it from them but there is also a chance that you wont.

  3. Bridgett Reply:

    The best way to treat a fever blister is medically. Allow your doctor to prescribe you the right drugs to cure them. Also try to keep the area clean and do not touch it, you could make it worse. Source:

  4. Albertha Reply:

    Fever blisters are also called cold sores and unlike canker sores which happen IN the mouth, fever blisters usually are blisters outside the mouth. Source:

  5. Tama Reply:

    Fever blisters are caused by the virus herpes simplex. They are contagious and can be spread through kissing. There are two types of herpes simplex viruses, type 1 is associated with fever blisters and type 2 causes genital herpes. Source:

  6. Hisako Reply:

    i understand herpes (fever blisters) is contagious by kissing. but is it always contagious? ? i guess what i mean.. is it contagious all year round? or only on outbreak? is th

  7. Marietta Reply:

    Yes! Herpes type 1 is more common with cold sores and herpes type 2 is more common with genital herpes but they are both contagious through oral sex! Statistically youre probably looking at somewhere around 5% chance of having transmitted it to him!If youre having problems with cold sores then see you doctor and ask for a prescription of Valtrex! I used to get terrible cold sores, since going onto Valtrex 5 years ago I havent had a single major outbreak (and by major I mean something that is visible to other people)!

  8. Lahoma Reply:

    Fever blisters are cold sores, on or near the lips, caused by the oral herpes virus HSV-Type1. How do you get kissing fever? Let's just say you have a love metre

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