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Does crack make you have sores on your face?

Yes, Crack cocaine causes blisters, sores, and cuts on the lips and mouth! The sores may facilitate the oral transmission of HIV! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Melony Reply:

    You can get blisters on your face when eczema develops. of dermatitis with symptoms that include facial blisters, dry cracked skin and itchiness. diminish the symptoms associated with eczema and will help keep face blisters under control. Source:

  2. Myrtis Reply:

    As a teenager, any sort of blemish or sore on your face can make social situations Most frustrating of all, you don’t know why you get them and other people don’t. lip balms to keep your lips protected from chapping, cracking and bleeding.

  3. Lashanda Reply:

    Repairing a cracked Bulova watch dial or the crystal that covers the dial is not practical. Only replacing the dial, sometimes called a face, or the crystal, which is the glass cover of the dial, is possible to rescue a damaged Bulova. Crac… Source:

  4. Laurine Reply:

    You might have dry, cracked facial skin during the drier, harsher winter months, or you might be prone to dry skin all year round. In some cases, certain medical conditions can cause seriously dry skin. Dry skin can be uncomfortable and mig… Source:

  5. Yajaira Reply:

    There are many ways a dog can damage his paws, from running on rough surfaces to walking on salt-covered roads in the winter. In most cases, you can heal sore, cracked paws with home treatments, although it takes time for paws to heal becau… Source:

  6. Dorotha Reply:

    I constantly make and pick at sores on my arms and they might be going away legs. I can’t leave them alone, just when they look like, I pick at them until they bleed, what do

  7. Maricruz Reply:

    Didnt this just get posted?? Except last time you said it was a school project and you made a few edits! Anyway I didnt make me cry but maybe Im jaded, or maybe it just needs some context!

  8. Curtis Reply:

    If you take too much you can have all kind of awful side effects such as anxiety, . Before you call somebody a liar you need to make sure you have your facts straight. It's highly addictive like crack. weakened immune system- a day or so after i have stopped taking Adderall i always get a cold or sore throat, in addition to

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