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How do i get rid of a blister on my toe?

When caring for and treating blisters, you can choose to either let them heal on their own, or drain them yourself! If the!!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Tess Reply:

    A blood blister is a specific type of blister that forms when blood vessels near the Wellness · Family Health · Managing My Health For example, a blister on the foot can be elevated by laying on a bed and How to Get Rid of Blisters Faster Source:

  2. Katie Reply:

    When I was in the Marines they were fond of force marching us until our feet blistered up (and in some cases started bleeding), when we’d stop we were told to take our boots and socks off and to inspect each others feet, if you had blisters

  3. Sheila Reply:

    you can get rid of foot blisters, or any kind of blisters for that matter, by letting them heal on their own, or by draining them. You can do this by using rubbing alcohol, a safety pin, pliers, and a bandage. If it’s not as simple as it be… Source:

  4. Christy Reply:

    If you have a fever blister do to the herpes simplex virus you can get rid of the fever blister faster with use of antivirals. If the blister is caused by a fever, treat the fever with acetaminophen. Source:

  5. Beverlee Reply:

    The fastest way to get rid of a blister is to pop it, you can clean it with alcohol then sterilize a needle (by fire and let it cool) then poke a tiny hole in it and drain it then wrap it to keep it from getting infected. Do not rip the ski… Source:

  6. Elvie Reply:

    how do you get rid of when i run in my cleats or when i run a blister on my toe blister on my toe. i dont know how it? hey guys i have a got there but it hurts in my work out

  7. Yuki Reply:

    Use a clean needle to relieve the pressure and keep working on it! It will explode at some point! It has to or a doctor will have to do it for you!

  8. Jack Reply:

    I have used the following technique for decades treating blisters How do you get rid of a blister? I have a blister on my Foot and it has been there for a while

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