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How do you heal a popped blisters?

If your blister is popped and it’s open, you should put antibiotic ointment on it then cover with a bandaid to prevent infection! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rosanna Reply:

    Here's how to protect and heal blisters that have opened. Related Allowing your open blister to breathe, uncovered, is the best way to speed recovery. Source:

  2. Laila Reply:

    Blisters are caused by skin friction. Don’t pop them. Apply moleskin or an adhesive bandage over a blister, and leave it on until it falls off naturally in the bath or shower. If a blister breaks on its own, wash the area, apply an antisept

  3. Alita Reply:

    As many as one third of people with diabetes will have a skin disorder caused or affected by their disease, according to the American Diabetes Association. Some disorders that affect diabetics can affect anyone, but diabetics can get them m… Source:

  4. Patti Reply:

    A blister on the skin caused by irritation often results in the outer layer of the skin separating from the lower layer with fluid. In some cases, the blister can become infected and irritated. There are natural, effective ways to heal the … Source:

  5. Joseph Reply:

    The best way to heal a blister is to keep the area clean and dry. Use a bandaid to cover up smaller blisters and a gauze pad to keep larger blisters from getting exposure which could lead to infection. Source:

  6. Gabriele Reply:

    What can one do for popped blisters on the inside of lip and on tongue from hot soup?

  7. Mammie Reply:

    Popped blisters definitely need to be protected! Apply antibacterial ointment to them and cover with a bandage! Keep the bandage clean and if it gets dirty or falls off, reapply the ointment and bandage till it is healed! It will probably take a week to heal!

  8. Laci Reply:

    How do you treat a blister? It is traditional for a blister to be kept dry and covered with a dry bandage. It is also traditional not to pop the blister because it can get

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